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I loved this little exercise in self-awareness on luv in the mommyhood… I’d love to hear what y’all are “-ing” as well!

Making : a wedding gift for some friends
Cooking :
dinners to freeze (lots of dinners to freeze) for the baby boom that is our life right now
Drinking : Sonic (diet coke with vanilla and ice-of-glory)

Reading: a whole stack of sewing books from the library

Wanting: summer to come back!

forward to some girl time with Heidi at the Junior League holiday fair this weekend
“get-you” with Burke… it’s a huge hit around here
basil, two whole plants of it, in our garden by not repotting before the first frost… darn it!
Sewing: Christmas stockings for my family! YAY!

Wishing: that planning a trip was in the budget
… alas, it is not
Enjoying: the push to stock our etsy shop with cards and ornaments and gifts for Christmas- have I mentioned how much I love the ‘idea’ stage of the creative process?

Waiting: for Adam to be done with dental school… too bad I have two and a half years before this wait is over 😉
Jordi’s brilliant shoe idea… between the black flats we made while she was here and the bronze-y ones I picked up yesterday, I think my winter shoe wardrobe might be set
if all of my tomatoes were taken by this weekend’s ice storm… let’s hope not!
Loving: that my hot hubbie and I got to dance (and dance! and dance!) at a wedding reception Saturday night… thank goodness for in-laws that double as superdiligent babysitters (ps- the picture of me and adam above is from said reception)

Hoping: for good news after my father-in-law’s PET scan tomorrow
Marvelling: that it is already October- how can this be?
to run… at least three times before the Denver Marathon relay (next Sunday!)
rain and ice and fallen leaves
Wearing: Aeropostale sweat pants, a Special Olympics tshirt, a fleece and my Uggs- I get cold easily

Following: DIY day at A Soft Place to Land

the clock- how is it already bed time?
that no matter how many predictions I hear about the rough winter to come, it would be colder in PA
that I should clean my laundry room this week
Bookmarking: the once-a-month cooking all stars at recipezaar– I’m always up for recipes that freeze well!
Opening: ReadyMade magazine- fabulous!
Giggling: at my sweet white-haired baby boy and his affection for cleaning, popcorn, berries (which he calls, “babies,”), and tweezers
Feeling: sick… Burke and I just keep getting little bugs… yuck!

***I hardly ever put personal pictures on here, but my family made the cut in almost every “-ing” so they get the photo spots as well. 🙂

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  1. This was interesting to read Kirsten. And you're definitely right about it being colder in PA! Did Adam go to GCC too? I think I remember that name and the face. Was he in the sciences? That would be why I remember him, if he was.

  2. So what are some dinners you like that freeze well? I'm always wanting to attempt this but never to because I'm unsure of it. Do you just make the meal in a throw away pan and cover with foil and freeze? And sites that are your favorite…

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