kojotutorial: barrettes with pom poms

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I realize that there are an inordinate percentage of posts relating to barrettes, ruffles and dresses on this blog considering that the estrogen in my house is outnumbered two-to-one. I like to think that I am prepping our life for more girls, you know, making it ready for the day down the road where our ratio gets an estrogen boost. In the meantime, my nieces have a full time seamstress on retainer to make them dresses and ruffled numbers and barrettes with pom poms. Luckily, this variation on the felt/wool covered barrettes is super simple (and oh so wonderful!).

To make these little gems, you’ll need:
-felt or wool
-metal barrettes
-a pom pom maker (you can make the pom poms without one, but the seven dollar investment for a pom pom maker will change your life… just sayin’)

1. Make a felt covered barrette (I like the angry chicken tutorial, but y’all already know this)

2. Make a pom pom. Or two. Or ten. Make the most out of that seven bucks.

3. Attach the pom pom to the barrette with a few stitches. Ok, maybe do a few more stitches to make sure it’s really on there (I learned the hard way that you need to really sew it on…).

4. Consider the estrogen-to-testosterone ratio at your house and opt to borrow a gorgeous barrette model instead of taking pictures of your son with pom pom barrettes in his hair. And seriously, isn’t Kalena the perfect girl for the barrette modeling job? Her sister, Annie, was my ruffle dress model awhile back. Good genes, eh?

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  1. …um, I love kalena. look at how sassy she is with her hand on her hip. Thanks for all the pom pom goodness. now if I can figure out how to make the girls keep them in their hair. any tutorials for sewing them onto hair? ๐Ÿ™‚

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