folding fabric and my chaotic craft room

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Cleaning my craft room has proven to be the bane of my existence… I just can’t seem to get it to the fabulouslessly organized, functional place that I imagine in my uberperfectionistic (just about some things, to be fair) mind. I want it to be my happy place and it just doesn’t end up that way. Not yet, at least.

A few things that I think might help:
1. Organizing and refolding my fabric collection… A couple fabric-folding tutorials:
how to fold a fat quarter by kootoyoo

two ways to fold it by badskirt

2. Labels, I need lots and lots of labels… I finally have more storage containers than you can image (repurposed from formula cans, oatmeal canisters, peanut butter jars, etc.). However, the majority of these containers are not transparent. Even though I’ve diligently separated my crafting supplies by material, I can’t see my suppliess and thus can’t find them when I need them. That’s where labels come into play. I know that I have a paper company and should be able to come up with something label-y, but I just haven’t so far.

3. Time & energy… anyone know where to find an extra supply of these?

If you have any tips for getting a craft room to stay organized, do share!

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  1. Most of us artist people are visual people. Having materials stored where I can see them is crucial. I'm in the middle of reorganizing my art supplies and am planning on using only see-through materials so that everything is available at a glance. I have a small bookshelf on a desk where I'll put all the little doo dads and collections of buttons, thread, beads etc. in glass jars. Fabric will go into clear plastic bins – not too big so I can find things without too much digging – organized by color family and size. But really, seeing it without having to go hunting around is the most important thing for me.

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