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Awhile back, I read on Jessica Jones’ blog that it was super tempting to have all of the fabulous purses that were listed in her etsy shop laying around her house… I feel the same way about the Juju shoe charms, y’all.

Yesterday, in the mail, I got a big package of gorgeous little grosgrain rosettes and metal medallions and silk flowers from Jordan. And mostly, I just want to keep a pair of each for myself (and for some of the styles, she only sent one pair total, so that wouldn’t be a great choice).

So far, my Juju Charm Philosophy seems to be, “one for an order, one for kirst’s rapidly expanding shoe charm collection.” It’s a problem, a time consuming problem. I have to stop.

But before I do, I feel like I should show you the charms I think I need right now… aqua grosgrain rosettes with vintage button centers and amber and amethyst medallions and pink fabric pinwheels.

These ones that I took pictures of are all in the mail, safe from my grabby little paws (so don’t worry if you’re the one on the receiving end of those packages), but you see why it’s so difficult for me to have these all around, right? Trouble, I tell you, t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

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