craft from the stash handmade holiday gift guide: wrapping paper

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My stash of wrapping paper far exceeds any amount of gift wrapping that we could feasibly need to do in the next five years… and the paper itself is beautiful!  Why not put it to work making decor and gifts?

Oh how I love these wrapping paper placemats by Sunset magazine… I don’t think you could give them as gifts, but you might be able to decorate for Christmas dinner with them.

I think you could make these little origami box lovelies with patterned paper as well, but the tutorial at origami instructions mentions using wrapping paper. I make my grandpa fudge every year- wouldn’t this be the perfect packaging for such a gift?

I love these gift wrap coasters (tutorial at martha stewart). 

Recycled journals with wrapping paper covers (tutorial at design*sponge). I love the number of times it says, “or whatever you have” in the materials list. Fabulous.
This accordion scrapbook (tutorial at design*sponge) could be used as a mini photo album, or even as a recipe book.
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