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The last couple nights have consisted of watching The Holiday and Elf amidst wrapping paper and tags and buttons and a (hot) glue gun and tons of fluffy white ruffles… I thought I’d share a few of the little lovelies that have been crossed off my “to make before Christmas” list thanks to a couple of hours in front of the tv.
Up tonight- The Family Man.  I’m off to figure out what exactly I’ll be creating during this viewing.  Do y’all do this to?  Craft and wrap gifts while you watch movies, I mean? And if so, any feel good movies I should add to my list?

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  1. Ohhh no, no, no, no! Those are TOO beautiful! I feel like I need to save that image as my desktop background, so I can look at it all the time. I would love to just make tons of flowers like this, but I find it so tedious! I love the buttons (?) in the middle. Chills!

  2. Those are really beautiful.

    I do that, but I usually just watch whatever is on HBO. Marley and Me and Center Stage have been on a lot recently.

  3. I am LOVING your blog…here are my christmas movie suggestions (or at least they have Christmas in them)…Love Actually of course, About a Boy,& While you were sleeping…enjoy!

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