kojotutorial: elmo ornament

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I fully intended to make the pom pom elmo ornament… But then we were at a little get together where there was an ornament making table and where all of the supplies for this little elmo ornament knock off were on hand.  And before I knew it, we had an “Melmo” ornament to fuel burke’s love for the furry little red guy.  Making the ornament was so simple that I thought I’d pass along the directions to y’all.  That way you, too, can make an elmo for your little one!

You’ll need:
-a plain ornament
-red ribbon
-googly eyes
-a yellow pom pom (for the nose)
-a scrap of black felt (for the mouth)
-hot glue gun
I didn’t take any pictures of the process, but I’m sure you’ll be able to follow me.  
*Hot glue the end of your ribbon into the bottom center of your ornament.  Using your glue gun, wind the ribbon around and around (and around), gluing as you go.  When your entire ornament is covered in ribbon, glue your other end inside the top of the ornament (this will soon be covered by the metal ornament top).

*Glue your googly eyes, pom pom nose and felt mouth (as you can see, I didn’t get to the mouth part yet… who knows if I will- haha!) onto elmo’s ‘face.’  

*Voila!  Sing to yourself, “la la la la, la la la la, elmo’s world,” because that darn song won’t get out of your head.  Know that, weird song or no weird song, your little one will be DELIGHTED by their very own “Melmo” ornament!

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