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Our stockings are just about finished- can you believe it?  This will be our eighth Christmas that we’ve celebrated since we’ve been married, Adam and I, and I am just finally getting around to this.  Imagine what I’ll accomplish by the time we’ve been married for sixteen years.  Maybe a tree skirt?  An advent calendar?  The possibilities are endless, really…
My own incompetence aside, I’ve seen all sorts of stocking-y goodness lately and thought I’d share some of it with y’all.
These elf stockings by sew4home are fabulous!
I LOVE the simplicity of these embroidered stockings by the Purl Bee… mod & classic at the same time!
The wool felt icicles on these stockings by Martha are fantastic (there’s a link on the page to the knitted sequined stockings as well)!
This stocking-from-a-drop cloth by Shanty2Chic is both resourceful and gorgeous… and don’t even get me started on the matching ruffle-y tree skirt.
I love these felt stockings by Women’s Day… I feel like they have a classic-ness to them that gives them staying power (and if it takes me eight years to commit to one set of stockings, they’d probably better be around for a bit)

I’m second guessing myself after showing you all these beauties (“maybe I should’ve gone with an elf shape,” and “oooh, perhaps I shouldn’t have used wool”), but it’s kind of too late for that now.  We’re committed.  And I’ll have some pictures for y’all soon.  Happy stocking-ing friends!

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  1. I love the Purl Bee stockings, too. I just got an embroidery machine (cue angels singing) so that would make the process so easy. =)

  2. I love the elf stockings, but alas, they became popular after my kids had adopted random stockings for their own. There's no turningback now!

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