oh what a year

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So this morning, I was re-reading our start the presses from January of this year where we listed 27 things we wanted to try, do, read, learn and make this year.  While we didn’t get to everything on our list (pretty sure that taking a class at Fancy Tiger will roll over to the ‘things to do in 2010’ list), I could confidently cross 21 of the items off.  Add to that accomplishing all sorts of goodness that wasn’t on the list and I’ll take it, y’all.
Favorites of the year?

I’d love to start making a list of things to learn, try, read, and attempt for 2010- any suggestions?  What do you want to try next year?

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  1. loved your list from last year, what a fun idea. I definitely could use the help of a list!! Did you use your letterpress? I wanted to buy some equipement a few years back but didn't find anything around our area (they're heavy!). I would love to learn and someday make letterpress stuff. Paper and wedding invitations were my first love. hehehe

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