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Hmmm… I’m trying to remember how much you know about the budget situation around here.  To summarize, our adventure of jumping from two incomes and no kids into dental school with a baby on just my part time income has been, just that, an adventure.  A mostly happy adventure, actually.  But to say that we slashed the Christmas gift budget is putting things mildly.

Imagine, then, my surprise to find THIS under our Christmas tree a couple days ago.  His budget was $50.

If you know about sewing machines, you know that, no matter what kind of master deal finder my sweet husband is, he did not stay within budget.  He did, on the other hand, carefully think through where he might find the funding for such a purchase, dipped into some other money he’d squirreled away and sold some things on ebay to supplement the rest.  And VOILA- a Christmas gift I’d never even ask for!

I spent the afternoon reading the manual and sewing on some scrap fabric/ribbon.  My only other experience sewing in on Adam’s grandma’s 50+ year old Singer sewing machine (which, I should pause to say, has such a sweet place in my heart… I learned to love sewing using that machine).  I’m sure you can imagine that it’s quite the adjustment.

I can’t wait (Can. Not. Wait.) to show y’all some of the plans that I have for this dream machine.  Dresses for my nieces and monogram craziness (I have an urge to monogram every piece of fabric in my house) and new packaging for our kojo cards.  Any other ideas for me?  What do I sew first?

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  1. Ooooh nice! What a nice guy 🙂

    I got my first serger for Christmas and I am so excited too (and scared) lol.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  2. I can't wait to see all that you make with your dream machine! I too got a dream machine of my own for Christmas and I just love it! I'm sure I will copy everything you make! Your jcrew tshirt ruffle dress is one of the first things on my list to make on my new sewing machine. Have fun with yours!

  3. What kind of machine is it?? I have a Brother ex-660, and I love it…but I would love to get my hands on a machine that could monogram! I've looked at embroidery machines…but really, all I want to do is letters. *Grin*

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