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I’m sure y’all have seen the wonderful proliferation of boy themed crafts floating around the internet this month.  I love it that MADE and Made by Rae are focusing all their attention on boys during February… it’s inspiring and FABULOUS!

Since my crafty items are often girl-related (weird, since I don’t have any girls), seeing all of the wonderful boy-ness out there has spurred me to get in touch with my crafting-for-Burke side this month.  Here’s the thing, though.  There are so many fantastic things to make, and only a limited amount of time.  My compromise is that I’m going to try to accomplish a few of these little lovelies for Easter.  That way, Burke’s Easter basket will have a few thoughtful, handmade items in it and I have a little breathing room timewise as well.

Here are the things I’d like to make:

The 90 minute shirt at MADE (seriously… could this be any cuter? 90 minutes still sounds like a chunk of time to me, so it might be the 30 minute x 3 shirt in our house)

A drawstring backpack (tutorial at noodlehead… yay anna!).  I think it’d be super fun for burke to have his own bag full of goodies (instead of me throwing his books, sesame street characters, etc. into whatever tote I have around here)

The knee pad pants at MADE (yes please)

A tie shirt (tutorial at saltwater kids)… how is it that I haven’t made one of these for burke yet?  maybe he can wear it to church on Easter morning?

Ok, so instead of getting ahead of myself and making my to-make list a mile long, I’m going to stop for now.  I can’t wait to show y’all how everything turns out!  Do you have anything boy-ish on your to-make list right now???

Bonus- This is what’s on the list after I make those 4- cuffed pants at ikatbag:

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