our world this week: rule of thirds

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I went to a photography workshop this week led by a sweet friend and amazing photographer, Brittany Strebeck . Seriously folks, she is amazing- everything I aspire to be as a photographer- and she was so sweet to sit down with me and help me understand some really exciting things like shooting in manual and exposing for your subject. I know, so exciting. Anyway- while she was explaining some of the images she had taken I was reminded of a good photography rule: the rule of thirds. Have you heard of this rule? If not, read it here– she explains it much better than I would. In fact- grab yourself a cup of coffee and read the whole “basics” section for some great advice.

So I was reminded of this rule to keep your subject off center and it really is true. Here are two pictures I took at the workshop (we just took pics of things around the house) and though they are both fun, the off centered one is much more interesting.

 What a great reminder and a great workshop! Also- I am starting the 365 project tomorrow (a picture a day for a year!) anyone care to join?

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  1. I'm pretty sure I'm about to start a 365. Are you planning on putting them somewhere online? Blog, Flickr? I'm never good about uploading pictures anywhere.

  2. A picture a day? I love the idea! I actually have a friend who just so happens to be taking a photo class right now and I'm wondering if it's the same one as you! I'll have to find out! 🙂

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