cabin fever-ing

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Our -INGs this week:

-Cabin Fevering- My heart is more than ready for Spring, so this last February snow storm has not been great news for me.

-Stitching- All sorts of embroidered onesies, to be more specific.

-Baking- Cupcakes from a mix + store bought frosting + little homemade cupcake tags = a mini birthday celebration for a friend.

-Inviting- Wedding season is upon us (well, it’s upon those of us who do wedding invites, it probably hasn’t made its way to you guests yet).  Our latest and greatest invites might be our entire -ING next week- haha!

-Appliqueing- I found some little shirts on sale that the girls needed (to match their schoolgirl skirts, of course).  Plus, a few friends have had babies recently, so onesies with appliques have been gracing the craft table as well.

-Olympic-ing- Besides sitting glued to the television every night (while Adam studies and I try to stretch out my Jillian-Michaels-overworked-muscles), we also hosted a little pint-sized Olympics here last weekend.  We belong to a babysitting swap (we watch 7 kids every sixth Friday in exchange for having the rest of our Friday nights sans-Burke) and last Friday was our turn.  While their parents galavanted around Denver, our charges colored the flags of various countries around the world, participated in all sorts of Olympic events (“jumping jacks” and “stair climbing” are totally Olympic events, right?) and, of course, won gold medals.  Fun times all around!

What are you -ing today?

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  1. Today will be a spraypainting…sewing…decorating (maybe some cleaning) kind of day…

    Love all the applique work you did…may have to borrow the idea for the new nephew and other baby (don't know which yet) coming soon….

    Love your blog!

  2. 1. you need to start posting these other fun onsies/shirts on your Etsy shop!

    2. How did you get into your babysitting swap? Obviously we don't have babies yet but this seems like priceless information for the future!

  3. I love that white tiered plate…and that it shows up in so many pictures! Multi-tasker!

    Also, the babysitting swap?? GENIUS. Seriously. Most of my friends still have diapers n' binkies type babies…but once the kids are a smidge older (and bedtimes a little later than 7:30 pm), I could DEFINITELY see a babysitting swap in my future!!!!

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