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I love throwing bridal showers!  I love suiting the shower to the guest of honor, I love all of the decor and food ideas that pair so naturally with bridal showers, I love glowing brides-to-be… just LOVE them!  As promised, here are some of the fabulous bridal shower ideas we’ve seen lately:

This list of 10 bridal shower themes by project wedding is a great place to start your shower planning! I’ve thrown showers using most of those themes, but hadn’t ever heard of a Stock The Bar couples shower… what a great idea for a couple that already has all of the house stuff they need.

Y’all know of my affection for sugar cookies… these heart shaped ones (paired with a recipe that becca at blue cricket swears by) would be perfect for a bridal shower. Check out her pink frosting tip… simple and fabulous!

These fortune-teller favors (at Martha Stewart) look great, but are also fairly simple to make.  I love it when those two factors align!

Martha also offers a list of 26 other pink bridal shower ideas… lovely!  And, even better, you could change to suggestions to accomodate any palette.

This red-and-white, chocolate-y goodness (via Hostess with the Mostess) was in honor of Valentines Day.  But really, what bride to be couldn’t use red and white lingerie and lots of chocolate?  The all-chocolate dessert buffet itself is worth trying to pull something like this off, don’t you think?

To pair with the chocolate buffet above, I love the simple fabulousness of this “Chocolate Abstracts” idea (also at Hostess with the Mostess).  These little chocolate accents look pretty easy to make (you just need chocolate chips, a squeeze bottle and some wax paper) and the finished product is so gourmet looking! Perfect!

Hillary’s bridal shower at hello lucky is full of DIY ideas!  I love the paper bag favors hung in a row, the tissue paper pom poms, the fabric banner and the cupcake stand… any of those ideas could be a little accent (or a focal point) for the next bridal shower you throw!

Oh, how I love this, “He Says… She Says,” shower game (at Vows).  Guests have to make their best prediction of who said what (the bride or the groom).  The girl-or-boy silhouettes make it even sweeter!

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  1. We threw a 'stock the bar' couples shower for my best friend last summer! It was just a backyard bbq and we rented a margarita machine. Ideas for gifts were: martini/wine/beer glasses, shakers, coasters, fun drink mixing books, wine bottle stoppers or openers, blender, they're favorite bottles of wine or liquors, etc. It was a lot of fun!

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