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Our other sister, Kedron (yep, she’s the namesake of Jordi’s daughter), and I have a shared love for all things beach-y.  Love might not be a strong enough word, actually.  Passion… fervor… infatuation… zeal… obsession- those might be getting closer.  Anyhow, Kiji is heading to St. Thomas this week (rough, right?) and I wanted to send her off in style.  Enter Anna Marie Horner’s toteable towel tutorial (well I modified it a bit), add in a book of Sudoku and some chick-lit and she’s set for a week of sand, surf, and sun.

For those of you who are thinking about making toteable towels, I can heartily recommend it!  Easy and oh-so-useful (I think I’m off to find some other towels to make toteable for us for this summer, actually).

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