welcome march!

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Umm, this is a few days late.  But my weary-of-winter heart brightens considerably when the calendar switches from, “February,” to, “March.”  Signs of Spring around here:

Burke and I have been playing in the backyard every afternoon lately.  Yesterday during naptime, Burke laid in his bed yelling, “awside! awside! awside!” for an hour before falling asleep.  He loves March, too.  Oh and notice the 90-minute shirt he’s wearing… I ended up making two- one for now and one to save for his Easter basket.

My sewing table is cheery with cherries right now… I can’t wait for y’all to see the finished products (there’s a tutorial involved too!).

Mom and I got pedicures last weekend and I chose a bright, happy pink.  Goodbye winter reds and browns, bring out the pinks and oranges of summer!

Any signs of Spring around your house?

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  1. The windows are open. Wide. Wide enough for all that not freezing, unwindy fresh air to fill the house. But does this mean it's time for spring cleaning? I guess there's even a downside to spring, but we can just ignore that for now right?

  2. OK, OK, I have to say, the way I read that as I rolled down, I thought that cherry fabric was his other 90 minute shirt for his Easter basket, and I was like, dang. UHm. Wow. 😀

  3. Oh gosh. I am so ready for spring. This winter just seems to just d.r.a.g. on. I am starting to work on Josh's Easter basket stuff (I tried to link a pattern for a felt food chocolate bunny on my blog. I'm not sure if I did it right!), spring cleaning and my hubby farms so he's getting ready to head back to work after being kind of off for the winter. I can't wait to start my garden! 🙂

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