DIY pillow round up

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With Babycakes #2’s impending arrival (not until the summer, so we’ve got some time, but I’m a plan ahead type of girl, so I’m planning ahead), we’ll be rearranging our room situation here at Chez Gentry.  More specifically, the office will become Baby Room #2 (right now, we’re planning to move the crib, changing table, rocker, etc. from Burke’s room into the new nursery), Burke’s newly emptied room will become a big boy room (with new decor) and my craft room will acquire our office stuff.  Oh, and our master bedroom needs new linens.  That falls in the redecorating category, not rearranging category, but it’s still pertinent.

I love it that we have the space to rearrange like this and still keep a guest bedroom in the mix (we live in colorado… that means we have lots of guests!).  But all of the redecorating is… well, a lot.  So I’m starting small.  With pillows, to be more specific.  Burke’s room will need some decorative pillows to tie in his theme (whales, I think… I’m not a big theme person, but I’m going out on a limb), Babycakes #2’s room will just absorb the old baby room scheme (shades and textures of white for those of you who are new around here), and our new linens will certainly require new throw pillows (mmm, still deciding on those.  I LOVE that duvet from Anthropologie pictured above, but, alas, it is far too expensive… I am still formulating a grand plan for making my own… ideas anyone?).

Here is what I’ve found:

I think I need one of these felt flower pillows (by the Purl Bee) in every room of my house.

 My monogram-happy heart loves these appliqued pillows by design*sponge

My all-white nursery is calling out for one of these snow ruffle pillows (by V and Co. at SYTYC)… lovely!

 This gathered pillow by make it and love it is perfect on so many levels…

Love this freezer paper and spray paint pillow option by V and Co.– great right?

Kate’s floral pillows at design*sponge are fabulous

This petal pillow by sassy style would be perfect in the white room… and, even better, tausha made it using flowers from the dollar store.  Fabulous, right?

*all images by sites listed

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  1. You're making me want to start making pillows instead of picking up my kids from school… bad, bad!!! Great inspirational ideas!

    Poppies at Play

  2. Great timing, I have been thinking about pillows a lot the past week!
    I just saw in this month's Real Simple a whole PAGE of decorated pillows! Felt flowers, cotton ruffles, pleats… lots of fun texture! Love the DIY ones around the blog world.

  3. I'm still learning to sew, and these seem easy enough! I've seen the monogram one and was planning on just altering an already made pillow! Loving the inspiration!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my petal pillow! I am so excited to check out the rest of your blog! You totally made my day! Please, stop by and say hello. I am having a giveaway-there is even a pillow involved!

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