friday fun finds: elastic thread and shirring madness!

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image from craftstylish

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I figured out how to shir (some people call it smock) with my drop in bobbin.  I think I knew then that this newfound knowledge could be trouble.  It is.

a sneak peek of the goodness

A couple nights ago I made Baby Hannah a dress while Adam watched the Mavs game.  Then, I took advantage of our cloudy, rainy weather yesterday by working on dresses for Keadryn, Sayla and myself.  Yep, if you’re keeping track, that’s 4 dresses in a 24 hour period (not all of them are finished, mind you).  And, last night, I kept debating whether or not I should crawl into my lovely, warm, bed or head downstairs to shir some more. Also, I bought four more spools of elastic thread.  Trouble, I tell you, T.R.O.U.B.L.E.  Beautiful, darling, wearable trouble.

image by Ruffles & Stuff

Here are a couple of tutorials so that all of you can join me in the shirring madness:
-A great shirring tutorial for the non-drop-in-bobbin-types at portobellopixie.
-If you have a drop in bobbin, this how-to at prudent baby will change your life.
-More shirring info at Ruffles & Stuff.

What about you?  Did you discover anything equally fabulous this week?  We’d love for you to share YOUR Friday Fun Find- a sewing technique that’s changed your life, something you made, a tutorial you put together (or tried out!), a product the rest of us need, a recipe you tried out- whatever you’re loving this week!

A few guidelines:
1. Include a short description of what you’re linking to (as well as the name of your blog if you want).  That way people can go see the fun finds that interest them most.
2. Link to your specific post, and not to the main page of your blog.
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  1. I cannot remember if I shared these burp rags last week. Since I posted them last Friday. If I need then I am sorry. But, I am THRILLED to go check out the tutorial on shirring. Oh, so excited. I have been wanting to figure it out on my own. Just from a few things my sister had said about it I thought I might be able to just figure it out. But, to go look at some tutorils…fabulous. Thank you! Love love love your blog. (And cannot wait to see the dresses you have been making!)

  2. So glad to have found your fun party. I am linking up and following now! Joy @

  3. I love the look of shirring on little girl dresses. It looks difficult, but yours look so perfect. Have fun making the dresses and thanks for hosting again.

  4. I bought some elastic thread today so that I can attempt shirring this weekend. I'm totally geeked out about it too =)

  5. I know I'm in trouble too! lol. I love how my baby girl's dress turned out a couple months ago… it's about time to do another one. That was the most fun I've had sewing- EVER! 🙂

    Happy WEekend!

  6. I love shirring! So easy and cute. I would LOVE to find a giant roll of elastic thread so I didn't have to buy the little tiny ones and spend so much money!

    Andrea @

  7. Hi- I just found you through a blog of a blog of a blog. : ) So glad I did. You're little dress is adorable and I just happen to have two little girls that I could make them for! I had a quick question though. I know you said that it's best to finish it out before you do the shirring, but do you mean to finish out the two separate pieces, then shir them, then sew the two pieces together OR do you sew both pieces together before you shir?

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