kojotutorial: butterfly ballerina (part 3)

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By now, you already have seen the directions for making a darling, frilly tutu and the butterfly embellished tank top… Now we’re ready for the finishing touch- the matching headband (you could also make this little headband to accompany any spring outfit!).

For the headband you’ll need:
– one child headband
– 1 yard strip of tulle
– 1 1/2 inch ribbon
– 1/4 inch ribbon
– 2 inch felt circle
– hot glue gun

1) Twist the tulle.  Starting in the middle hot glue the twisted tulle to form the rose. finish by gluing the end of the tulle to the back.

2. Cut two pieces of ribbon and bunch them to form wings. glue the wings to the rose.

3. Form a small ringlet and glue it into the center of the wings. Glue the rose to the headband and glue the felt circle over the headband and the rose.

Your outfit is complete! Send it to your favorite niece and wish you could be there to watch her wear it on her birthday!

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