kojotutorial: patterned birthday party hats

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Burke’s Wild Rumpus required 😉 monster party hats with yellow eyes… A stack of 12×12 patterned paper and extra decorative embellishments were all we used to whip up such a batch of wild thing-ish, party-worthy goodness.  To make some yourself:

1. Take a 12×12 piece of paper and fold into a cone shape that would fit as a party hat.  Tape in place.  Cut the bottom of the cone until it’s even (mine still had a little notch missing, so it wasn’t entirely flat).  Untape the cone to use as a template.

2. Trace the template ‘hat’ onto other 12×12 sheets of paper.  Cut out the soon-to-be hats.

3. Bend the paper into cone shapes and tape (once I had one hat my desired size and cone shape, I used it to shape all the others).

4. Fill in the ‘notch’ with your remnant patterned paper.

5. Hot glue ribbons into the sides to function as chin ties.

6. Decorate with embellishments (like yellow pom pom eyes!).  Done!

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