pie pie pie

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If I had to choose between cake and pie, I’d take pie every time… mmmm…. strawberry rhubarb pie, mixed berry pie, peach pie, cherry pie, chocolate pie… fabulous!

As a sweet acknowledgement to my pie fetish, Jordi and Keje (our other sister’s name is Kedron… same as my niece [and my aunt, incidentally]… but we call her Keje or Kiji… just so you can keep things straight), made these glorious little strawberry rhubarb pies for my baby shower yesterday.  They used the smitten kitchen strawberry rhubarb filling recipe but made mini pies instead of one big one… scrumptious, I tell you!

And a round up of some other yummy pie-ish goodness:

pumpkin pie bites by bakerella
pie pops by writhem of the night

single serving pie in a jar by our best bites

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