nautical knots as dresser pulls

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We got Burke’s dresser for his Big Boy Room on Craigslist.  Y’all know the Craigslist drill- oak-y and orange-ish, outdated drawer pulls (with wonky, super close screw placement to boot).

We painted the dresser kelly green to match the preppy palette of Burke’s room.  And instead of searching high and low for drawer pulls that have super-close-together screws, we used rope tied in nautical knots as the dresser ‘hardware.’ 

This fabulous site (animated knots) has step by step pictures for all sorts of knots (I used a figure eight knot, then looped another figure eight knot around it for these particular dresser pulls).

Two fun things about this solution?

1- I love the way the nautical knots give a subtle nod to our even-subtler ‘whale’ theme in Burke’s room.

2- The ‘rope’ I used was a clothesline I bought at Joanne’s for $5.00.  Five dollar hardware for an entire dresser?  Yes please!

PS- We used a drill to hollow out the screw holes and make them bigger.  That way, the rope fit cleanly through.

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  1. Now that is So fabulous. I love how it fits right in with the theme of his room too. Plus, I have to say I like the Kelly Green color of the dresser as well.

  2. hi..
    I've been reading/following your blog awhile now(learned about you from Shannon at luvinthemommyhood (a good friend of mine)..
    congrats SO MUCH on the new one..she is adorable!
    Burke's dresser is awesome too… but I am curious…where is his BED from.. I LOVE it!

  3. Wow this is adorable!!! I wanted to tell you that I am re-doing my room nautical theme and I am using your knot idea. Thanks for posting this!

  4. I love this look too! I am curious where the kelly green paint is from. I have been looking for this color myself. Can you point me to the store you bought it at?

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