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I already mentioned that my level of excitement over these diaper bags is entirely uncalled for.  I think I am so darn excited for two reasons:
1- They’re done.  I didn’t always know whether I’d reach this stage, so that’s exciting.

2- They turned out better than I thought they would.  That rarely happens to me, y’all (it’s usually the other way around).

And seriously, I love them. I love the neutral fabric, I love the pop of color from the bias tape, I love both of the lining fabrics I used, I LOVE all of the pockets (ten total, five on the inside, five on the outside), I love the kojo labels (I made them with fabric pens and some simple stitching- I’ll put together a how-to sometime soon).  And after carrying this bag-o’-fabulousness around for a week, stuffed with a sling, a nursing cover, two sizes of diapers, a change of clothes for the Teensy, my water bottle, and sometimes a little pillow (I’m not so proficient at nursing without the boppy yet), I still just love mine.  I’m hoping our sister loves hers just as much!

A few details: I used this fantastic tutorial at a mingled yarn.  I’m not going to lie- this project is pretty labor intensive.  But I feel like the tutorial is super thorough… it’s just a big project.  I modified just a little by adding contrasting bias tape to the edge of the flap and the tops of the two side pockets.  Super simple (and one of my favorite parts!). 

One last word of caution- take this project on only for someone you really love… like your sister.  Or yourself.  And then, know that your work will be totally, utterly, completely worth it! 🙂

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  1. LOVE them! I am going to send this tutorial to my mom so one day when I have a tiny of my own she can make it for me! (I don't think I am advanced enough in sewing to do it myself) Great job!

  2. They really super super fabulous!!! They look store bought and completely amazing. Isn't the best when a big project is completely and oh so satisfying. Love them.

  3. I can't believe you made the tags yourself! And you are totally right to be proud of your work. THESE ROCK!

    I also LOVE the pattern, the neutral color and the bright colors.

    Well DONE!

  4. Those bags are fantastic. They seriously look like just what I've been looking for. I'll have to put it on my sewing project list. Hopefully by the time I get to it, I'll be better at sewing 🙂 What kind of material did you use for the inside and outside? Did you interface it, or is it a heavier material? Also, where did you get that tan material, I love it.

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