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It’s no secret that I love adding dessert buffets (or candy buffets, or popcorn buffets, really anything with pretty servingware, treats and treat bags is right up my alley). And I love Amy Atlas– the dessert buffet guru of the world.

When I saw Amy Atlas’ ribbon backdrop (pictured above), I knew I’d copy it at some point. And I did (for Autumn’s Cat in the Hat shower).

And then I promised details on how to make a wall or ribbon as a backdrop for your dessert buffet- here they are, friends:
-a dowel rod
-about thirty cuts of ribbon in your color palette… each length of ribbon should be about a yard (the thin ribbon is doubled over, so those cuts are about two yards), but your measurement can be very approximate

1. Gather your ribbon. For thin ribbon, make your cuts at twice the length you’re going for- the thinner ribbons will be doubled over. For the thicker ribbons, cut at the length you’re going for (about a yard).

 2. To attach your thinner ribbons to the dowel rod, fold the ribbon in half. Place the center loop on one side of the dowel rod with the ribbon ‘tails’ dangling below.

3. Tuck the ribbon ‘tails’ through the loop and pull taut.

4. To attach your thicker ribbons to the dowel rod, wrap the top portion of the ribbon around the dowel rod and secure with tape. Alternate patterns and thicknesses of ribbon until the entire dowel rod is covered in ribbon.

5. Add a little extra zip to your dessert buffet (or other favor display) by hanging this little gem as the backdrop! Fabulous!

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  1. I think I might do this as decoration in my daughters room. I was looking for something different to do and I think I may have found it. thanks!
    p.s I found your blog over at Cari's blog!

  2. What a cute idea, you know that would also be a fun whimsical way to store your ribbon! I love it!

  3. Great idea! I used a similar technique on the back of chairs at my wedding. I was fortunate enough to find bags of lace at a local thrift store to complete the project for only $6.

  4. hey there girls! I've seen that red cake plate in Southern Living in white before…so where did you find that red one….love the wall of ribbon idea:)

  5. What a good idea, I love it!

    How did you suspend the dowel? We're hosting a party soon but not at our home, I can't put tacs in the wall or anything.

    Any ideas how I could suspend the dowel??

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