kojotutorial: winter wonderland headband

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Y’all blew us away with your sweetness about Piper Jane in her fluffy, ruffle-y, couture-y dress from Project Run and Play Week 1. I am her mama, so of course I can’t ever get enough of her adorable-ness. And seeing her in a waterfall of white (or blizzard, as the case may be) just melted my heart…. yours too I guess.

To answer your comments/emails, I am definitely working on a tutorial for the dress. I changed things up a bunch of times along the way, so I’m trying to figure out how to tell you what to do when, if given the opportunity to start from the beginning, I’d go about it differently (does that make sense?). But, be assured, it’s coming!

 In the meantime, I thought I’d do a little how-to on her sweet, ruffle-y headband. To make one you’ll need:
-about twenty white circles from different white fabrics (mine were mostly cotton and silk)
-a pile of little ‘filler’ ruffles… awhile ago, I made a ton of little ruffles using this tutorial at katie did. For the headband, I used this about ten of those ruffles per flower (so twenty total).
-small piece of felt (or felted wool)
-hot glue
-needle and thread

1. For each flower, stack the white circles about ten high. I put the largest circle on the bottom and got progressively smaller with my circles, but it is a very inexact science to be sure! Stitch up from the bottom through the center of all of the circles. As you guide the needle back down, use it to pucker and pinch each circle, creating ruffles and pleats on each layer of the flower. Repeat a couple of times. Your ‘big flower’ is finished.

2. Cut a dime-sized circle of coordinating felt (or felted wool). Hot glue your ‘filler ruffles’ in a circle on the felt. Hot glue the center of your ‘big flower’ into the middle of the layer of filler ruffles. Repeat with your other flower.

3. Cut an oval of coordinating felt. Hot glue the felt bottoms of both of the flowers to the felt oval with the headband sandwiched in between.

4. Done! A beautiful ruffle-y, fluffy headband for your little girl. Pair with a ruffle-y dress (again, if you want to make one like Piper Jane’s, the tutorial is coming).

Also, today’s the last day to vote for Joanie’s ribbon candy bubble dress at Project Run and Play. If you haven’t voted yet, would you please?

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  1. I have been voting for you all! Your stuff on Project Run & Play has been gorgeous. Oh, to have half of your sewing talent! Amazing. Thanks for the tutorial on the cute headband. I may just be able to tackle that one but the dress, oh that is one for my Mom! : )

  2. I must admit that I clicked on this post not to make a headband, but because that first picture is so. freaking.cute. I'm pretty sure that's the most adorable baby face ever. Instead of making headbands when I was a bald baby, my mother stuck a bow on with toothpaste. Classy, no?:) hehe

  3. Where did you find the headband for you little one? I have looked every where for sizes that fit infants but have had no luck

  4. me too, I have been unable to find elastic headbands to fit my baby's (rather big) head… where did you get yours?

  5. thank you so much for this tutorial. I love this dress so much I made it for my baby’s blessing day dress. Such a cute dress and I can’t wait to see her in it. Again thank you!

    1. becky I love it that you made one of these too! it’s one of my all time favorites- I bet your daughter will be DARLING in it. 🙂

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