the ‘i heart new years challenge’ v2.0

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 Happy 2011 everyone!

Since Jord is due with baby girl #3 in a month, she’s been fervently throwing things away reorganizing for the last several months and doesn’t really need a whole week of reorganizational goodness (though, the power of nesting means she might still be joining us- haha!).

However, my life needs an organizational kick in the tail. And, for whatever reason, there’s nothing like the start of a new year to stir up my Having-Things-Just-So OCDness. Last year, we hosted an “i heart new year’s” challenge. And since I’ll be scrubbing and tossing and filing all week, we thought we’d get y’all in on the action again this year!

Here’s how it works. We’ll provide a week’s worth of organizational challenges. You join us for some (or all!) of the challenges. We all share our organizational and creative goodness.

And to sweeten the deal, this year there are prizes!

A 2011 planner by Justseeds and Eberhardt Press from Ms. Valerie Park Distro

Your choice between three single month calendars or a yearly planner (like the one shown) from ncharshaf.

The fabulous Bloom, Paisley Bird and Heart Planners by PlanIt Planners (they’re giving away all three!).

This gorgeous 2011 Weekly Planner by Lily Jane Stationary.

Fun right?

To win one of these lovelies
1- Join us for one of the daily challenges and leave a comment on this post saying so. If you join us for all seven days, leave seven comments and get seven chances to win!
2- Link up your daily progress and leave a comment on this post  saying so (each link provides an additional entry!). Again, if you link up for all seven days, leave seven (more) comments for seven more chances to win!
3- Favorite Lily Jane Stationary, PlanIt Planners, ncharshaf or  Ms. Valerie Park Distro and leave a comment on this post saying so.

Here are the daily challenges:
Day 1 (January 2nd)- Organize A Spot. Choose one area that is crying out for your organizational skill and go to town. Does your fabric need a system? Do you have a ‘catch-all’ room or closet that could use some attention? I will be reorganizing a wall of shelves in my craft room. And I’m darn excited about it.

Day 2 (January 3rd)- Find/Make Some Creative Inspiration. True confession- I have a pile of ‘inspiration’ sitting in a pile on a table in the corner of my craft room. There are photographs, fabric swatches, magazine clippings, a world map, even a couple of souvenir-y memorabilia. They aren’t so inspiring sitting in a pile on a table. My goal? Make this fabulousness visible so it can serve it’s inspirational purpose!

Day 3 (January 4th)- Scrub. Be honest- what needs a good cleaning in your life? The baseboards of your craft room? The fronts of your cabinets? Your window wells or heating grates? Get a bucket and some warm soapy water and scrub, friends, scrub!

Day 4 (January 5th)- Make Something! Anything! Favorite day, hands down. Put some of those newly organized supplies to good use!

Day 5 (January 6th)– Daydream With all of 2011 (well, almost all of it) still to come, what do you want to do or see or make this year?

Day 6 (January 7th)- Make a Plan Put all of yesterday’s dreaming to good use and make a 2011 Bucket List. How will you make your grand ideas happen this year? Oh, and this is key- print out and hang your plan where you’ll see it often!

Day 7 (January 8th): Overflow or Rest- Could you use an extra day for more organizing, scrubbing, planning, etc.?  This is the day to tie up those loose ends.  Then meet us back here and show off a little.

We’ll keep the I Heart New Years linky open all week– as you finish a daily challenge or make something fabulous, add your links! We can’t wait to see your new year’s-y goodness!

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  1. I'm looking forward to this! Hopefully I can remember to actually take pictures and share! 🙂 Oh, and I can't wait for all those yummy drink recipes.

  2. Yes I'm ready to join in because, I need some help getting motivated….If I may add I'm thinking about starting a blog which I'm not exactly sure how to even begin or even what I'd call it…
    Happy New Year!

  3. I organized my spot today! I chose the catch all, top of the stairs mud room that has been driving me crazy for years! I purged, donated, trashed and made the space much more appealing. I used mason jars to organize pens spare change. I a planning a trip to the Container Store to get some things to help me out. I want a magnetic board to post my new meal plan idea and notes for the kids! Yeah. I had fun.

  4. I'm in! I'm a day behind since today was "put away Christmas Day". I have so much crying out for organization I don't know where to start! I think I'll be working on my computer desk and possibly slipping in some time making a studio/crafting area for myself. (I reclaimed the dining room for it's intended purpose so my poor sewing machine and craft supplies are homeless right now!)

  5. Hi again! Today I cleaned out the craft room that still had wrapping paper, ribbon, tape etc all out of place. I still had 2 presents to wrap…I organized wrapped and I can see my carpet again! Thanks for the motivation…

  6. My house is an ongoing organisational project, but my biggest project is sorting out the room that will be my second baby's bedroom.

  7. I organized a spot yesterday – a cupboard and my spice shelf – yeah for new beginnings and a tidyer house

  8. I'm in:) love Love LOVE this idea for a week of organizing/cleaning… The funny thing is Istarted without even needing this motivation:)
    Yesterday( the 2nd ) I organized my hall closet :s a scary disaster of mess thrown in a big heap. I found some baskets in my storage area and got to work! I sorted winter stuff.. stroller stuff and of course all the coats and shoes. Lots if work but worth it!

  9. Even though I love to sew and create, I chose to clean the fridge! Started late last night and finishing up tonight so that I can cook a creative dish today!

  10. I'm all about inspiration and displaying what inspires you. I think I'll make some of your circles for my girls' room (eventually!)

  11. I just linked up my organized space! You inspired me so I started with my makeup drawers. So much easier to get ready today when I see where everything is!

  12. My laundry cupboard (cause I can't really call it a room!) is totally getting reorganized. I am on day two of an I am sure 5 day process, but I will get done gosh darn it!!!

    I am totally also going to make a bucket list.

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  13. My fabric is organized – wahoo! I still have a little left to do but I ran out of boards to wrap it around. Still, I LOVE just looking at it!

  14. I just scrubbed down the walls in my hallway….maybe that's not a big deal to everyone but it's where our 2 boxers stay, and play, and sling slobber when we're away, so the walls get pretty grimy…YUK! But they are clean and nice now.

  15. I found my inspiration – at Ikea this time – my kitchen floor had a flooding over the weekend, and now I need a new kitchen – hence Ikea

  16. Challenge #2 – Creative Inspiration
    I recently organized and put on display my vintage button collection by sorting them by color and putting them in vintage mason jars. They are in my craft room for me to see whenever I sew. Also, I got some cork board and I am off to make an inspiration board for my vintage photos, button cards and ribbon. It will look great!

  17. Challenge # 3 – Scrub. Did I ever! I scrubbed our vintage bathtub and my two daughters just took a bath. They even commented on how nice it was! I also kept going with challenge #1 today and organized the bathroom medicine cabinets and bath toys. I am having so much fun!

  18. Just want to let you know I'm joining in & have friended the wonderful etsy shops! What a great challenge to start off the new year!

  19. Today I have been daydreaming about starting a new business with a friend of mine. We are dreaming BIG! 2011 is going to be a great year!

  20. howdy! Yes we have been daydreaming hoping to get prego…i'd like to create a blog but, not sure what to call it….need to lose about 20 lbs (dang does that ever end)…get organized as we will be moving into our new home in September….thanks for the inspiration:)

  21. I daydreamed a little too much yesterday! Now I'm trying to organize my ideas, finds, etc to make my bucket list. My biggest dream is to open an etsy shop, hopefully soon!

  22. I have been participating all along but took a blog hiatus for a few days…. but I am back. Well reading blogs but not blogging at the moment.

    Scrubbed on day 3… the sink and oven with the most fabulous product. Shaklee scour-off! I love that stuff! And today (saturday, day 6) I found the wonderful Caldera cleaning products on clearance at Target! I mean 75% off! Woo hoo!

  23. The whole week has been a list making week!!! We are having an addition built bringing us up to just over 1700 square feet!! I am dreaming of the day when we can have company over and not have everyone crammed in sitting on the floor/folding chairs because there is no space! right now my list is filled with painting, staining, building, craig listing, ebay selling, and gardening. Oh the possiblities this year! 🙂

  24. DAy #1 challenge… organize the Legos… One rubbermaid tote down, 2 to go. Did I mention we have over 100 lbs of Legos? Yep 3 boys and 8 years of Legos for every birthday and Christmas means a LOT of Legos!

  25. I'm still making my list – I've used How does she's list to make my resolutions, prioritize them, am now making a month to month list
    This week has been so much fun, I've done all of the days.

  26. I made my plans – for every day of this year – I made it as a calendar, deciding to work on one good habit per month – creating 12 good habits in 2011 – I linked

  27. Ready to kick off 2011 with a semi-bucket list! Time to get organized (don't closets do it themselves?) and find more time to get stuff done in a day!

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