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One of our ‘big sister projects’ this week was to make Evie Onesie Cookies for Keadryn and Sayla to take to their preschool classes.

This little project was a winner on so many fronts-

1- The cookie recipe from Green Cattle Beef is fabulous. If you roll it out nice and thin, the cookie cutter cutouts don’t lose their shape. And the cookies are DELICIOUS. If you don’t have a good sugar cookie recipe- this is the one for you for sure!

2- After trying this icing recipe from Our Best Bites, I will never use another. Ever. I always felt like a bit of a poser as a crafty person because I couldn’t get my act together to make perfectly iced sugar cookies (do any of you have this problem? They’re not as easy as the seem!). I have tried more icing recipes than I can tell you, and even thought that perhaps I could make some of them work. But this recipe changed everything for me. It’s perfectly perfect. If you’ve sworn off sugar cookies because of a bad experience with the icing, it is time to try again, friend. Get back on that horse.

3- Keadryn and Sayla LOVED making these cookies as a way to celebrate Evie with their friends; it was a terrific project to take on together. And have I mentioned how much I love hanging out with these girls? They are spunky and hilarious and such sweethearts. I just love spending time with them!

4- All tied up with ribbon and a teensy, tiny birth announcement, these onesie cookies were the epitome of sweet. The ladies at the girls’ preschool thought we bought them at a local bakery. Nope, we’re just really good at sugar cookies, thanks (and thank goodness for the gals at Green Cattle Beef and Our Best Bites!).

***You guys are so cute (and so on top of it) to let us know the tags say 2001. For security, we always switch up the info on our work before we put it on the internet (you might’ve noticed that the invites we put on here always have the wrong info on them as well). Any birth announcement you see on here will have incorrect information on it. 🙂 Thanks though!

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  1. These cookies are gorgeous! The writing is amazing. I definitely need to try this recipe for icing sugar cookies.
    Also, just wondering if you realize that the tag has the year 2001?

  2. Hate to mention it but is that the correct year on the tag…… 2001? or is it amended for internet security sake?

  3. Those are gorgeous! You did a great job. I like that you piped the edges in white and filled with pink. Good contrast.

    I made sugar cookies this weekend and did the whole royal icing thing for the first time using this recipe: It took some getting used to but worked great! She also has a great tutorial on her blog for how to use it and also how to marble royal icing.

    As a side note, are those tags supposed to read 2001? Or 2011?

  4. don't know if you caught it but the tags say 2001 instead of 2011. Good thing preschoolers won't know the difference.

  5. These are gorgeous! We've just made sugar cookies this morning at our house, dough is setting in the fridge now, and I will be trying the icing recipe this afternoon when we ice them, thanks!!

    Hate to be this person, but did you see that the year is 2001 on the cards? (sorry, sorry, sorry!) They're still adorable and I'm sure no one else will even notice.

    Just found out last week that I'm having a little girl myself, so I'm bookmarking this. Thanks again!

  6. Oh, my goodness! Those are so perfectly precious! LOVE them and thanks for sharing the icing link. I have a terrible time with icing sugar cookies and am so excited to try it! : )

  7. Maybe I missed it, but where did you get the cookie cutters…so adorable!!
    The cookies & the packaging look fantastic no wonder people thought they were store bought!

  8. I will have to try that icing recipe. Your cookies are gorgeous!!!! Mine never look anything like that. Congratulations btw. I can't wait to see you with all three girls. Can I bring you dinner soon please?!?

  9. Too stinkin cute. Love. What a clever thing to do with your other kids after having a baby and also what a fun things to give out to their friends. I am going to have to remember this.

  10. How did you do the writing? Its so perfect…and consistent! And, where did you get the cookie cutters?
    Congratulations to you & the new big sisters!

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