our world this week- baby bliss

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Hmmmm… how do I describe this week? It was all about enjoying and cherishing and taking in the miraculousness of new life. I’ve been trying to hold Evie at every chance, reminding myself that the teeny tiny-ness is fleeting. 
There are so many things that can wait just a bit, so many things that can be done later. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude to have the chance to be the mama of These Three Crazy Girls. Life is good, indeed.

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  1. I agree. Everything else can wait!!!! The are only tiny for such a short time. At a blink of the eye they are talking and walking and becoming more and more independent.

    I love the picture of Evie in the baby doll bed. So cute!

  2. Oh, congratulations!! It flies by so fast. I do love my girls, but I still miss their babyhood. Sit back and enjoy this time. It is all too fleeting.

  3. She is so precious! I especially like the one where she's wearing the hat and the one of her in the little bed. They're so gorgeous!

  4. Absolutely Gorgeous babies! You are so blessed! I have two boys and I must say I would be elated to be pregnant with a baby girl anytime! lol

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