kojotutorial: flutter heart snuggle pillow

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Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

I know that many people hate this holiday- but I see it as a built in chance to tell my hot hubbie, my kiddos (well, mostly Burke since Piper Jane doesn’t quite ‘get it’ yet) and my fantastic family that I love them.

Oooh, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for giving little gifts. And, y’all, I love little gifts! Adam is getting a watch I ordered from nomorerack for $8, some mini-butterfingers and a couple of kitchen gadgets, Burke is getting a new set of Cars cars and one of those Grow-An-Animal packs and Piper Jane is getting the sweetest little outfit (the only handmade gift of the bunch).

…and a great day to share the tutorial for the “snuggle” pillow. I didn’t make it for Valentine’s Day- but doesn’t it have a love-y vibe?

To make a Snuggle Pillow for someone you love, you’ll need:
-two rectangles of white fabric 10″x30″
-white jersey
-a fabric pen
-freezer paper, an iron and fabric paint
-sewing machine and supplies

1. Freezer paper stencil the word ‘snuggle’ into the bottom right corner of your white fabric rectangle and let dry.

2. Cut out a whole pile of white jersey hearts (about one hundred). Just free hand them, but cut them out two at a time. After cutting them out, leave them in their stacks of two.

3. Divide your white fabric into ten equal sections horizontally and six equal sections vertically. Using a grid-like system use your fabric pen to mark all of the places where your horizontal and vertical lines intersect. Pin a double layer of jersey hearts at each intersection.

4. Sew the hearts in place in vertical rows (I stitched down each vertical row, one at a time). In the bottom right hand corner, leave space for your ‘snuggle’ stenciling (the bottom two horizontal rows will only have six heart-stacks instead of nine).

5. With the right sides of the soon-to-be pillow facing each other, stitch around all four edges, leaving a 5″ or 6″ opening on one edge. Turn right side in, stuff with batting and sew the opening shut. Top stitch around the entire perimeter.

7. Your pillow is perfect for reading nooks, baby blue office chairs and master beds alike!

Have a great Valentine’s Day, y’all!

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