how to make a monster hooded towel

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Just thought we’d keep the Celebrate the Boy goodness rolling around here with another boy tutorial (check out MADE and Made by Rae for tons of other boy-ish tutorials and inspiration)!

This monster towel was one of Burke’s Christmas gifts; to say he loves monsters would be an understatement. The boy loves monsters- nice monsters, scary monsters, “Mike-Wazowski-Monsters,” even Wild Things (from Maurice Sendak’s classic book) are equally fascinating to Mister Burke. So, of course, a monster towel was an order.

To make one yourself, you’ll need:
-a large towel
-a coordinating (or matching) hand towel
-jersey fabric scraps for the embellishments
-sewing machine and supplies

To make the hood*:

Cut off the bottom, ’embellished’ portion of the hand towel. Fold in half width-wise and pin along the right and left sides. Stitch down both sides (but not across the bottom).

Turn right side in. Tuck the upper right corner into the upper left corner.

Stitch down the left side and the right side to secure the hood in place. Also, tuck the bottom edge into the pouch created by the hood and sew across the bottom (this finishes off all of the raw edges and sews the pouch shut).

Embellish the hood to make it ‘monster-y.’ My design was loosely based on Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. (hence the one eye), but I veered a bit in my color choice, so it isn’t 100% Wazowski-ish. Have fun and design to your little one’s taste. I made horns (using black jersey), a big eye using green, black and white jersey (the white jersey is double to make is less transparent), and a black jersey mouth. Pin in place on your hood and sew on.

Using a walking foot too accommodate the two thick layers of terry, sew the hood onto the towel. First fold the towel in half and mark the center point. Line this up with the center seam on the hood. Pin in place (right sides facing together) and sew together.


Done! Hopefully your little one loves their monster towel as much as Burke does!

*I saw these embellished hooded towels at the Cottage Home this summer and used Lindsay’s tutorial to help me figure out the hood of the monster towel. If you have a chance, head over and tell her hi!

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  1. That's one of the most adorable hooded kids towels I've ever seen! I'm so thankful for all this boy love- it's so easy to find girl stuff it seems, so it's great to have such a variety of boy crafts to do now!

  2. THANK YOU!!! i LOVE this!!…have been looking to make a monster hooded towel and your tutorial makes it look so easy… 🙂 thank you so much…seriously…you have no idea:)

  3. Very cute! Love how you made the hood it looks super sturdy! I am going to try this method.

  4. This is such a cute towel! I really dislike the store bought hooded towels, but haven't tried making my own yet, now I just might give it a try!

    I also wanted to tell you, I used your tutorial on the pieced jersey pants you had on MADE, and made a pair myself and would love if you would let me know what you think about them.
    Killing Time – pieced jersey pants
    Thank you!

  5. Man, you have such a cute kid! I'm glad that this is the first comment you'll see on this post, too. I've never been first posting anywhere. I feel a little special….


    Best to you both!

  6. Adorable adorable!! Perfect for those little ones who are too big for baby towels but small enough that a cool towel makes getting out of the tub just a little bit easier!! (Am I the only one who has to drag their 2 year old out? Hope not!)

    Great idea!


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