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So, before the Destashing begins, I thought I’d make a list. First because I like making lists and this seems like a good time to make a list (though, I do think that pretty much anytime is a good time to make a list). And also because I want my Destashing to be purposeful. Before I start digging through my supplies and cranking out projects willy nilly, I’d like to have an idea of what would actually be helpful for our family right now.

This is what I came up with-

To Make As I DeStash:

*comfy summer clothes for Piper Jane
*whittle my Dresses To Try list
*spring-y wreath for our front door (the felted wool wreath is still up… and, while lovely, it’s time for something less cozy)
*decor for Burke’s birthday party
*coordinating beach-y outfits for this summer’s family trip to the Oregon coast (maybe something with seersucker? Or this Joel Dewberry print I’ve been hoarding saving for the perfect project)
*grown up girly gifts (for a couple friends’ birthdays that are coming up)
*Easter outfits for Burke and Piper Jane

Obviously, I won’t get to all of it. But it’s good to filter all of my ideas through the lens of what we actually need right now.

Which brings us to our first DeStash tutorial (from the ‘comfy summer clothes for Piper Jane’ category).

What do you get when you combine Prudent Baby’s 10 Minute Onesie Dress with Dana’s Circle Skirt (and a little bias tape)? This swirly, twirly, supersimple, oh-so-adorable Flouncy Onesie Dress!

It’s the perfect way to simultaneously use up a onesie (or t-shirt if your little one is past the onesie stage) and some of that lovely fabric in your stash. And if you don’t have daughters, this would make a fabulous baby shower gift!

To make some flouncy goodness of your own, you’ll need:
-a onesie/t-shirt
-a circle skirt template (use the calculations at MADE)
-pretty fabric
-bias tape (optional)

1. First make your circle skirt template using Dana’s calculations at MADE (after you make the template, it’s done and you can use the pattern over and over again!). Cut your fabric into a circle skirt. If you aren’t adding bias tape to the bottom edge, iron the bottom edge down.
*EDITED TO ADD- For those of you making these for baby shower gifts that don’t have a baby on hand to measure, here are Piper Jane’s measurements- 15″ waist, 7.5″ skirt length. She is 6 months old, 50th percentile for height and 3rd percentile for weight (little skinny minnie). I used these measurements to make 3-6m and 6-12m onesie dresses (there might’ve been a 0-3m in the mix as well, actually).

2. Slide the onesie down into the circle skirt center. Then flip the skirt up and pin in place (to ensure even pinning, you can draw a line around the entire onesie).

3. *Sorry these pictures are of a different onesie dress. I forgot to take pictures of this step when I was making the blue one.* Once you’ve pinned the upsidedown skirt in place, flip the bottom of the onesie up over the skirt and pin in place as well (this will make a casing for the raw top edge of the skirt and also make the line where the onesie meets the skirt more even). Sew all the way around the flipped up, pinned edge.

4. Optional- If you’d like to add bias trim to the bottom edge, pin and sew in place at this point.

5. Pair with a sweet little cardi, a ruffled headband and some leggies and you have a fantastic comfy, cute combo that she’ll wear again and again!

Stay tuned for more DeStashing (list whittling) ideas!

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  1. this is so absolutely adorable, and can I just say…I love seeing pictures of your baby! She is so cute!!!

  2. Okay first of all — she is TOO CUTE!! And I love the little dresses too! 🙂

  3. She is sooo cute!! And the skirt is super cute as well! I think i'll be making a few of these for my little girl, as well as shower gifts!! 🙂 Question though, how do I get the circle skirt pattern small enough for a onesie?! I dont have anyone in the family small enough for onesies anymore :/ Did you just use the width of the onesie(+2 in) or would you mind letting me borrow Piper Janes measurements?!

  4. Oh man…did I mention how excited I was about this new destash festival? And this is great. My almost 2 year old is over the onesies, but I'm still planning on doing this with some t-shirts. I may have to copy this on my "Guilty Mom Syndrome" series I'm starting on my blog tomorrow! T hanks for the super amazing great and faboo ideas!

  5. Man, I LOVE this! and OH SO Simple = even better.

    I SURE do hope our next one is a girl!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. OOooo I love it!!! It's like a baby Marilyn Monroe dress. I love the polkadot bias tape!!!

  7. SO CUTE! I really need to get to it on the onesie dresses. My only problem is Olivia's tall body and her cloth diaper bum make it so all her onesies are too short or too wide! Booo. So I'll just have to cut into a onesie and layer it instead of leaving the onesie intact…

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    I wasn't sure if they would…but if they do please let me know and I'll add them. Thanks a bunch. Very cool blog!

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