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The downside of our sister working at Starbucks? She always has the best drink recommendations.

Which is great during the summer while they have the No Water Black Tea with Coconut that we affectionately call The Drink O’ Heaven. True confession- when Kirst was here a couple weeks ago, in one day we drove through Starbucks twice. And during both of those trips, we ordered Trenta’s (if you’re unfamiliar with this term, or if your Starbucks is lame like Kirst’s and doesn’t have such a thing, Trenta’s are Starbucks’ new XL 30 oz size).

You might be wondering why this is a bad thing? The bummer comes in the fall when they don’t have coconut anymore. Or even now, when, even after pleading, begging and cajoling, the barista insists that the Coconut syrup is not. for. sale.

If you love coconut, drive to Starbucks right now. I’m not kidding. Unless you don’t want to embarrass yourself by begging the barista to sell you the coconut syrup.

ps- Today’s post is part of a series called Hyatti, which means “My Life.” I love the chance to share little glimpses of regular life every week with y’all.

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  1. I love the coconut flavor at Starbucks too. It is heartbreaking when it gets discontinued for the winter. 😉 I've never had it in tea though. I might have to try that

  2. LOVE. I am the same way with the pumpkin syrup in the fall. Try a hot (or cold for that matter) chai tea latte with pumpkin. Mmmm my fave.

    Btw I love this series.

  3. That sounds so good! I've never had the coconut syrup from Starbucks, but I have purchased a bottle of Torani Coconut Syrup from Cost Plus World Market in their food section. Not sure if it's as yummy as the Buck's, but it might be worth trying…

  4. they're supposed to be able to sell you the syrup! at least, we did back when i was a barista. maybe i wasn't supposed to… derp…

  5. I like the frapuccino's myself.

    But since the economy has been down, I've had to switch up and go on the cheap side and get slurpees.

    It's all good. I'll be getting frapuccino's one day again!

  6. I live in DFW and just today at my local super target I saw Starbucks coconut syrup for sale. A huge bottle for 9.95. 🙂 (it was by the registers with a lot of other starbucks merchandise) Hope you can find some!

  7. Okay here's my predicament… our starbucks does NOT carry waterless black tea with coconut BUT…. if I could tell them how to do it and how much coconut to add they will make it for me. Do you have a recipe? Would your Starbucks be willing to give it up so my Starbucks will make it for me?

    Thanks a ton!!

    I just had the Mocha Coconut Frappaccino for the first time and I am in LOVE!!!

    Thanks a ton!! (of yeah our store doesn't carry the Trente size either as they said it was a fail in the test market… guess it all depends on where you live… since this is a union town they like their coffee, none of that fru fru stuff for them! ugh…)

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