kojotutorial: scalloped garland

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This little scalloped garland (shown at Burke’s Hello Yellow party) is both easily adaptable and fabulously festive! They could be used for parties or even for home decor. The how-to is super simple- I can’t wait to see your renditions of this little gem!

To make a scalloped garland, cut out a couple of cardstock template circles (mine were 2.5″ and 1.5″ circles). With a fabric pen, trace onto fabric. Cut out a whole pile of fabric circles (I used twenty for a six foot garland).

Put glue (just regular old glue stick glue) on the back of the fabric. Run a line of baker’s twine (yarn would do, too) down the middle of the fabric circle.

Sandwich the sticky, glue-y sides together.

Repeat to make the scalloped pattern.

Hang on a treat buffet (or use a mini-version as a cake topper) and admire. Festive right?

Perfect for a garland loving gal like myself! In fact, I think I might be using it again this weekend for baby shower decor. Love the multi-purposing! Do y’all re-use party decorations like we do?

ps- Thanks for all of the blue dress compliments (and tutorial requests) yesterday. The how to is on my to do list.

EDITED TO ADD- The winners of the Paper Coterie giveaway were #54 (Stephanie) and #39 (Karla)! CONGRATS!
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  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I'm going to head off to get some fabric and twine today to start my own garland collection!

  2. I love that scalloped banner … it just looks so cute and festive. And what a great way to use scraps!

  3. Using my daughter's onesies she has grown out of to create this garland for her first birthday. Thanks for the idea!!

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