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Remember the beachcomber necklace from Color My Summer? It was a Mother’s Day present for our sister, Kedron. A snippet of a conversation I had with her last week-

Me: I love big, chunky necklaces

K: Me too. Well in theory. You know the one you made me for Mother’s Day? I can’t figure out what to wear it with.

Me: That necklace is an outfit in and of itself. Pair it with something super simple.

K: Like what?

Me: A brown tshirt and white jean capri’s (haha, get it?)… or a white tank top and a patterned skirt… or a simple sundress…

simple dress, big ol’ necklace 🙂

After we got off the phone, I looked in my closet and figured out why I love statement necklaces so much. My taste is clothes is pretty simple, with a kick of preppy, and extra dress heavy (especially in the summer). All those solid colored tops and sundresses are the perfect backdrop for big ol’ necklaces.

all images via Anthropologie

Of course, nothing stirs up the Make-A-Knock-Off Itch quite like browsing through all sorts of Anthro necklace gorgeousness

…so my hot hubbie helped me figure out how to make the wooden ‘charms’ to put together some Anthropologie inspired goodness.

Where do you fit in the necklace spectrum? Go big or go home? None at all? Somewhere in the middle?

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  1. Great statement piece. I like you wear simple clothes so I use pins, necklaces and earrings as my statement pieces (of course tastefully done) Great ideas!!

  2. HAHA or apparently big earrings for me! 🙂 LOVE this necklace Adam helped you make. You guys are such a great team.

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