hyatti- the not so subtle end of an era

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Kirst wrote about Era Shifting yesterday, but the subtle kind, the kind that sneaks up on you. This week marks the Not Subtle End of an Era for us.

We’ve spent the last month sorting through all of our earthly possessions (like the girls’ books, above)- packing up, selling our furniture on Craiglist, garage sale-ing, and giving things away.

And, as of Friday afternoon, we are now {happily} homeless. Yep, the closing papers are signed, the bathrooms are scrubbed, our stuff is suitcased, and we are no longer homeowners.

Our oldest, Keadryn, bid farewell to each item in our house. She even crawled in the bathtub and said, “Goodbye Bath Tub. Thanks for all of the good times we had in here.” I love it how kids can put the actions and words on the emotions we grown ups are feeling.

One (sort of bittersweet) step closer to the big move.

ps- Today’s post is part of a series called Hyatti, which means “My Life.” I love the chance to share little glimpses of regular life every week with y’all.  

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