pinwheels and polka dots party by lemontree creations

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We love Tiffany from Lemontree Creations (so much so that she could be considered a Frequent Guest Poster around here… see her other guest posts here, here and also coming in November)! She is a kindred spirit, a great friend, someone we look up to as a mama. 

And she plans FANTASTIC parties. A couple of details from our favorites? The donut tree, take out favor boxes and Hello Kitty photo booth at The Hello Kitty Party. And the personalized sodas, rows of red bags, watermelon-turned-airplane (seriously? seriously?) and “A is for Airplane” bucket at The Airplane Party

Doesn’t Tiffany have such a great eye for party details? And today, she’s here to share a couple of how-to’s (and tons of eye candy) from her latest and greatest- The Pinwheels and Polkadots Party!

Hi. I am Tiffany. I blog about parties and all sorts of projects over at Lemon Tree Creations. I am a wife and mother of three. I love a good party. I love planning them and thinking of the sweet details that nobody but me will even notice. It makes me giddy.

I am so thrilled to be sharing one of my parties on kojodesigns today. Kirstin and Jordan are a huge inspiration to me with all of their gorgeously detailed parties.

My baby girl turned the big “one” this summer even though I tried to stop it from happening. It was my favorite party yet.

Pinwheels and Polka-dots was the chosen theme. I just don’t think you can go wrong with that combo.

My inspiration for the party came from all over the internet and from my baby girl herself. I just wanted to share my two favorite ways that pinwheels were incorporated into the party.
I stumbled upon this party in blogland where they had turned Starburst candy into pinwheels. Genius. I fell in love with that idea and had to use it somehow.

They became the cupcake toppers.

All you have to do is flatten a Starburst candy with a plate, cut a slit in each corner, fold the corners to the inside, and press it around a toothpick. Super easy, a little sticky, and oh, so fun!
Kirstin even suggested the idea of using Fruit Roll-Ups. Those would also totally work.My other favorite pinwheel detail of the party was the topper for the candy favor bags. I found my inspiration for these on this great site.

I made mini paper pinwheels, glued tiny buttons to the middle, and glued the pinwheel to a mini clothespin. Super easy, crazy fun, and gave the simple white bags a subtle “wow” factor.

And in case you are anything like me and just love to look at party pictures, here are a few more from our special day…

Thank you so very much for having me girls!  It was an honor.
Happy Monday!!!

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  1. I am on your website and I am asking if you have any ideas for a 90th Birthday party? My mom will be 90 in april. I want to have a party for her. I want it to be some fun. She loves to read books, likes pansies/flowers, I remember she used to like pinwheels-that’s why I was looking at this, She grew up on a farm, went to college (bible) raised 6 children, and is a widow now.. We will have her children – adult and her grand children mid 20-35 yrs old, great grand children from 3 months old to 18ish. I would like to find someway that we could all interact and enjoy our selves while appreciating mom. I am so thankful to still have my mom with me.. any suggestions?

    1. Hey Carol- HOW FUN! I love it that you’re putting this party together for your mom.
      If she likes pinwheels, that’d be an easy motif to repeat for the decor! And I love the idea of honoring her with your game/activity. What if you did some kind of trivia (like they sometimes do at bridal showers)? Have your mom answer all of the questions beforehand and then play a game seeing who gets the most answers correct? You’d learn about her and play a game at the same time!
      At my grandpa’s eightieth birthday party a few years ago, we put old pictures of him on plants and scattered as large ‘confetti’ at each table. I loved looking through all of the pictures to put that together!
      Hopefully those ideas get you started- if you have a minute to send pictures when it’s over, I’d love to see what you came up with!

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