dressing up a white cake

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We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome today’s guest, Brittany from One Charming Party. If you’ve spent any time at her gorgeous site, then you are surely in awe of her ability to put together a seriously fabulous fete (or One Charming Party, whatever the case may be). She has a fantastic eye for party details (just scroll down for proof).

A few of our favorite parties at One Charming Party:

Mermaid Party
The Trophy Husband Party (I am totally throwing one of these for Adam by the way!)
Vintage Barbie Party
Pajama Glam Party

Best of all, she’s here today with us, and I can’t wait for you to see what she has to share about customizing a basic cake! Without further ado, here’s Brittany:

A white cake doesn’t have to be boring–you can make it fun for any age. Using candy melts and a silicone number mold (mine is from Sillycone) you can easily make numbers to count up to your birthday child’s age, or repeat the same number around the whole cake. Melt your choice of candy melts in the microwave and fill the silicone mold. Tap the mold against a hard surface, like your countertop, to release any air bubbles. Freeze the mold with the melted candy melts for 15 minutes. Pop the numbers out and press them into the side of your cake!

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