kojotutorial: fabric flower corsage

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We love (LOVE) the fabric flowers at Emersonmade. Love them so much that they’re at the top of our to-make list right now. We just keep making them- for Piper Jane’s party favors, for friend’s birthday gifts, for baby girl’s wardrobe.

I love the way these little lovelies can add a little visual interest to a dress or a cardigan without having to permanently alter the garment.

Ready to make one for the little girl in your life? You’ll need:
-long thin strips of fabric (monochromatic, or in a few different colors/patterns)
-a circle of felt (this will be the backing)
-a button (or a cluster of little pearls) for the center
-a pin

Cut your strips of fabric into 5″ or 6″ segments.

Fold each small strip in half and stitch to the felt.

Continue until you have a circle of fabric strips.

Move in toward the center of the circle and repeat.

Sew a button in the center.

Hot glue an extra piece of felt (to cover all of your stitching) and a pin to the back of your corsage…

…and pin one on your little model (or your best friend or your sister-in-law)!

We first shared this tutorial at The Train to Crazy (did you see Andrea’s fantastic back to school series? If not, head on over and check it out).
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  1. I recently made a pom-pom just for fun from my serger scraps (you know, those long skinny pieces of fabric that get cut off by the serger). I was looking at it, thinking, "This is useful, somehow." A corsage is a great option!

  2. Kirstin~

    That turned out really cute! I love the idea of the button because there are so many colors and options available, so you can really customize this piece.
    (Also, thank you for introducing me to Emersonmade. I want to amp up my wardrobe now. 🙂

    I am having a FABRIC GIVEAWAY (9th-15th), so this tutorial would be a cute way to use some of the fabric.


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