kojotutorial: linen pinwheel cupcake toppers

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My secret to last minute baby showers? Keeping everything for an all white shower on hand. With a pile of white platters in my cabinets (well, really, it’s on the open shelving, but who’s counting), a white cake mix, vanilla frosting and white sprinkles in my pantry, and a few decor items (Hank and Hunt garland, polka dot garland, and some hanging pom poms), my shower-in-a-box is always at the ready.

Add these fabulous pinwheel linen cupcake toppers to the mix and the all-white shower goes from good to great.

To make some of these cupcake toppers for your next shower (or party), you’ll need:
-4″ x 4″ squares of linen (cut with pinking shears)
-hot glue
-wooden sticks (I got mine online at Amazon 5-1/2″ Candy Apple Stick (50): 50 Count)

1. Use your pinking shears to cut out four inch squares.

2. Cut diagonal slits from each corner toward the center.

3. Start hot gluing each corner to the center.

4. Glue a button in the center.

5. Hot glue a wooden stick to the back of the pinwheel. Stick in a cupcake and serve. Or just keep in a readymade shower box. Gorgeous!

ps- If you’re stopping by from design*sponge, welcome! We’re glad you’re here (though, we have to admit, we’re still pinching ourselves a little that our vintage sheet cocktail napkins are being featured on one of our First, Best Loves In Blogland)! 
As a little kojoblog intro, check out Burke’s yellow party, the retro garden baby shower, our anthropologie quilt knock off and our pallet-turned-reading-nook. So fun to have you here!
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