a vintage glam nursery for the little smooch

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Hello friends! Welcome to Piper Jane’s little space (not quite at my self-imposed beginning of October deadline, but that’s just how it goes sometimes, right?)…

Yep, across the outside of her door is the “It’s a Girl” banner that we hung on our door at the hospital (we aren’t gender finder-outers, remember?). Adam asked me a couple weeks ago when we’re going to take it down. My answer, “Not anytime soon.” ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on the blog, but I was hoping for a girl when I was pregnant with Piper Jane (I blame that on my house full of girls growing up). I prayed and prayed that God would add a girl to our family. Piper’s room (and her wardrobe, actually) are definitely girly-girly as a result.


I was going for a little bit vintage, a little bit glam vibe, heavy on the ruffles with typography and around-the-world touches here and there. Coral, yellow, and a little aqua are the palette, with lots of neutrals and metallics sprinkled in.

Of course, there are garlands here and there- flags above the name signs, ruffles above the crib, a mini bunting across the Little Miss Priss frame. I love me some garlands.

And since Piper Jane has about a hundred nicknames (“Little Smooch,” “Smooch #2,” “Little Miss Priss,” “Missy Prissy,” “Burke’s Best Girl,” “The Tiny Dancer,” “Dancing Queen,” “Janie,” “Sunshine”), I tried to work as many of them into her space as possible.

A couple of my favorite handmade touches in her room (that I haven’t highlighted already)? The Union Jack pillow and the fabric-backed shelf. And I’d be remiss not to mention how much I ADORE all of etsy-found art in this room. Lo-ove.

My favorite sight? Peaking into her room to see the Little Smooch and her Bubba reading, building, sharing (and, of course, mess making) in her little bit girly, little bit vintage, little bit glam, oh so cozy space!

ps- Of course, there’s a list of projects I didn’t ever get to- one of them I need your help with. I planned to paint (or stencil?) the rug, but I couldn’t ever figure out what would look good! So it’s still plain ol’ white. Any thoughts? Floral? Chevron? Stripes? Yellow? Aqua? I’d love some input, friends!
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  1. Oh I can see a rug with giant flowers painted with the fabric paint medium from MS. But then you go have some gorgeous stencils which would work nicely as well. LOL I'm not help! Hope you are having a great week!! I have not gotten the package out to you as I still can't get to the back of my closet…. its a long story for another day. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚
    Once again hope you all are having a great day!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! You outdid yourself! Love all the personal details! And I can never get enough of garlands! Love the smooch pillows and all the pillows for that matter! Also, the fabric backed shelf is so pretty! Love it all. : )

  3. I am in love with her room! I have 3 boys and no intentions what so ever of changing that, so my girly girlness will never get the chance to shine the way yours did… Although, I do have this fantasy of having a gorgeous room with all of the girlie touches for my granddaughters that I have convinced myself I will have one day.

    Fantastic job! And as for the rug, I am thinking some type of stripes. There is a lot of floral already, so maybe a chevron or just good old striped print would add a nice contrast.

  4. My mom still calls me Little Miss Priss, so I love the Silver frame. The whole room is adorable!

    As far as the rug, I think a bold strip would be lovely. If you go with another pattern I would say go large, go bold, and maybe monochromatic since there are some many smaller patterns in the room already.

    Also if you have time I posed a question about a shirt refashion on my blog and I would love your input!

    Take care!

    Haley @thedistractedblogger

  5. FINALLY!!! I'm excited we finally got a peek into Piper Jane's room. Great job, I love yellow and the stripes or perhaps the same pattern as the back of the shelfs…I'm sure it will all look great!!

  6. it's so pretty kirstin! we have some similarities in our girls' rooms – color palette, etc – before ruby was born i declared her room to be vintage glam but now i'd say it's more vintage but not so much glam ๐Ÿ™‚ i was comforted to read you are just now finishing piper's room because i haven't finished ruby's yet! it drives me crazy, but hopefully i'll "finish" soon.

    p.s. love the pillows!

  7. Hi! I found you by way of a google search to the DIY stitched state wall decor on Drunk on Discounts! I had to take a look at your nursery and you did an amazing job. I love every little details and the colors are fantastic. My favorite is the Bible verse–did you get that on etsy or create it? I love what I’ve seen so far so am thankful I have some more quiet time to peruse some more and hope there is an option to follow too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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