ribbon bedecked drink stand how-to

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Once upon a time (in a Martha Stewart Living magazine, I believe, but I could be wrong), I saw plain ol’ cake stands made twice as nice with a host of grosgrain ribbon. I loved it.

So, when I was planning out the Watering Hole for the elephants on parade shower and needed a stand to add a little height, what better way to add yellow and gray than with grosgrain ribbon?

It was super simple to deck out my drink stand (aka breakfast tray)- want to be-ribbon yours too?

First, measure the distance from the stand to the table and cut a bunch of ribbons that length. Then start taping a row of ribbons onto the tray. Put them right next to each other for more color and coverage.


Once your finished covering the whole front of the stand with a row of ribbons, cut another piece of ribbon the length of the tray and use it to cover up all of your little tape spots (I used more tape to secure my top ribbon in place).

Voila! A very ribbon-y, very yellow, white and gray drink stand perfect for my drink station (and other Watering Holes everywhere!).

ps- Did any of you see that original ribbon-y cake stand article? Where was that loveliness?
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