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I already mentioned that Piper Jane is the nickname queen. I have to admit that Smooch is my favorite nickname, though. Also, the variations- Little Smooch, Smooch #2, Smooch-eroo, Smooch-erooski- are pretty great too!

Perhaps it’s because I love hearing calls of “Hey! Smoochers!” echoing through our halls. Or maybe it’s the ruffles? Or the way these pillow combine to fit snugly inside the crib (and can double as two floor pillows for lounging or reading)? But these little pillows are one of my favorite parts of Piper Jane’s room.

Do you need some ruffled nickname pillows too?

1. Measure the space you’re filling (crib, bed, etc.) and divide by two. Add an inch or two and that’s the length of each of your pillows. Cut your fabric (your length by 12″ tall). Trace outlines of the letters for the nickname that you’re spelling, plus a PILE of little circles (I used my Accuquilt GO!Baby- wa-ay faster, and each of the circles is perfectly round- love that!).

2. Start sewing the ‘ruffles’ to fill in each letter outline. For more detailed instructions on puckering/stitching to make a ruffle, there’s a whole tutorial here.

3. Continue adding circle ‘ruffles’ until the entire letter is full.

4. Sew your ruffled, lettered pillow front to a matching pillow back. If you want to double your pillow function, embellish the back as well (I made mine striped and Union Jack-y). Fill your pillow, sew shut, and you’re DONE!

5. Ruffle-y, nickname-y, personalized goodness. Lovely loveliness for a Little Smooch in your life!

Are y’all nickname people? What do you call your kiddos?

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  1. I love nicknames in fact sometimes I wonder if they know their real names hahaha. We call our Kaydee k.bug our Braeda "b" used to be tornado but ya see she was tired of that even though it still fits. We call our Corbin, borbin (how his lil' cousin says it) or Jedi because he is insanely into Star Wars. Great pillows will be adding to my never ending to do list

  2. Remi – Rem-a-lem, sometimes with the addition of Rem-a-lem-a-ding-dong; it just flows nicely!

    Reece – Reece's Pieces or Reecey Piece

    Nicknames are so fun! 🙂

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