piper jane’s nursery FAQ (and project tutorial round up)

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This post is mostly in answer to all of the questions I’ve received about specific projects in Piper Jane’s nursery (let me pause to say- your gushing has me blushing)- kind of like a Piper Jane Room FAQ.

The grand challenge was to decorate her room on our ever-so-strict budget… thus, almost everything in the room was DIYed, thrifted, found on sale, or repurposed from another room in our house (minus my etsy-spree). Translation- there are a ton (ton!) of DIY projects in her space!

I made many of the things in her room using tutorials from my favorite blogs. Here’s a little round up of where I found them-

Fabric backed Billy Bookcase (idea and how-to by Eddie Ross). The fabric is Nap Sack in Sunglow by Joel Dewberry.

I made the lovely ruffled garlands above Piper Jane’s crib using this tutorial by Jenny from Hank and Hunt. As a total sidenote, I am completely in love with these. Jenny is a genius.

I made the the crib sheet tutorial at Made (I can’t find the fabric selvege, sorry y’all).

Wooden “Piper” sign tutorial

Ruffled books “Jane” sign tutorial

Coral window how-to (I made the travel flashcards in Photoshop… both the PDF file to print them yourself as well as individual letter prints are in the etsy shopwould y’all be interested in a giveaway of those?)

Smooch Pillows tutorial

To make the stenciled monogram, I painted the “P” yellow, smoothed on the Martha Stewart Stencil and applied metallic paint.

The pewter scroll-y frame was originally black (from Ikea), then spray painted it pewter. The “little miss priss” embroidery and mini bunting were the finishing touches (do y’all need an embroidery primer/how-to? I don’t want to do tutorials for things that are self-explanatory, but don’t want to leave you in the dark on something you’re needing more info on to recreate either).

Speaking of the mini flag bunting, those are just triangles cut from scrap fabric, sandwiched between aqua bias tape and stitched in place.

Most of the frames were ones we had on hand that I spray painted coral, pewter or aqua.

The curtains are panels of fabric (Tina Givens, On the Fence in Vanilla), hemmed on all edges and hung with clip on curtain rings.

Did I miss anything? Any projects I skipped that you’re needing more info about? 
Again, thanks for all of the compliments on her room! Y’all made my weekend!
ps- I’m putting together the room sourcing (aka, where we got everything I didn’t DIY) for another site- would it be helpful to have that info as well?

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  1. This room is adorable! Is the framed Dancing Queen picture a printable that is available somewhere? I love it, and my daughter is a little dancer.

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