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As part of the Color-y, Summer-ful Fabulousness, we have a real treat for y’all today. It’s a giveaway, but not just any giveaway. It’s a patterns-and-more-patterns-and custom-jewelry-and-party-supply giveaway. Told you- Fabulous. And treat-ish!Peekaboo patterns is giving away 6 epatterns. I have a couple of these patterns and love Amy’s stuff (remember the Isabella dress? That was a peekaboo pattern!). There are some perfectly summer-y patterns in the Peekaboo shop (these bathing suits are a-dor-able!) as well as a variety of little dresses (the Lucy is next on my To Make list) and even some great boy stuff!

Refreshing jewelry is giving away a custom disc necklace (they also come with a COLORED stone bead of your choosing). I am loving Refreshing Jewelry’s necklaces, bracelets, and earrings (most of which are customizable- what a great gift!). One of these little gems is waiting for me when I get home- I cannot wait to see it!


Earth Cookie Creations is giving away a $25 shop credit for their Pretty Little Things. And y’all, you want this credit! Not only does Jessica have fabulously festive party supplies (LOVE the little flags and bunting favor bags), she also offers pretty packaging (aren’t those berry baskets great? And I love the mustache tags!) and fantastic paper goods. In short, love. this. shop! You will too!

And Whimsy Couture is giving away six e-patterns as well! I’ve loved the little leggings pattern by Whimsy Couture (Piper wears those white ruffled ones all the time- they pair with everything!) and have a list of Whimsy Couture patterns I want to try- like the Sunny Day Suit and the Retro Romper.

To win this giveaway, just go visit these sponsor’s shops. Then come back and leave comments telling me your favorite item from each shop (4 possible entries- 1 per comment about each of the four shops)

-favorite pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop

-favorite accessory from Refreshing Jewelry (and how you’d personalize it)

-favorite item from Earth Cookie Creations

-favorite pattern from Whimsy Couture

As a bonus, if you like any of the shops on Facebook (here’s Peekaboo Pattern Shop, Earth Cookie Creations and Whimsy Couture) or even kojodesigns Facebook page, leave a comment and that’ll be your bonus entry (one entry and comment per Facebook like).

That’s it! The giveaway closes Monday night at midnight- GOOD LUCK!!!

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  1. Flying Swallow Bracelet is to die for and how cute are those wooden gift tags with ‘staches on them and Pier 49 pants would be really cool on my boys.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I really like Whimsy Couture’s Retro Romper. I’ve been wanting to make my daugther a romper for summer and this would be perfect.

  3. I really like the stamped rectangle earrings by Refreshing Jewelry. I could definitely see myself wearing them.

  4. Earth Cookie Creations’ Candy Store Bunting bags are adorable. I could think of several uses for them.

  5. Oh, I would love to try making one of the peekaboo pattern swimsuits. So cute!
    aliben7 (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. I like the disc necklaces from Refreshing Jewelry. I love the way the metal looks with the stone for contrast. I feel like there are infinite numbers of word and color combinations you could make, for any occasion. I also really like the rectangle earrings, I would probably want some stamped with a dragon since that’s my Chinese Zodiac birth year. 🙂 Very cool sites, thanks for the information.

  7. Oh my! What an amazing giveaway!!! From Peek-a-boo the Sweetheart Halter is definitely my favorite… but they do have SO MANY to choose from!

  8. My favorite from Refreshing Jewelry is the disc necklace… I would have it say “satisfied.” Just within the 10 letter limit 🙂

  9. Pretty Little Things is full of so many pretty little things! My favorites would have to be a toss up between the berry baskets and the fancy clothespins magnets.

  10. Oh, when you said Peekaboo Patterns had boy stuff, I jumped right over! We definitely need a new cute bucket hat around here but I can’t get over all the adorable shoe patterns!

  11. From Earth Cookie Creations….I’d choose the Hot Pink Tweet Tweet Cupcake toppers! So creative 🙂

  12. I really like the Custom Disc Necklace by Refreshing Jewelry. I would put my daughter’s name on it.

  13. The Natalie dress pattern from the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop is adorable! I would love to see my daughter in a dress like that 🙂

  14. I already have a few Whimsy Couture patterns, but one that I don’t have that I really like is the Chloe dress!

  15. I like the easy breezy shirred dress pattern. I’ve been wanting to try elastic thread for a while now

  16. I am in love with the Custom Hand Stamped Aluminum Bangle Bracelet from Refreshing Jewelry! I would personalize it to say Kami and Nate. :o)

  17. Ok, so I am most definitely going to order me some of the Heart Shaped Wooden Mustache Gift Tags from Earth Cookie Creations! I loved everything in their shop!

  18. The Retro Romper from Whimsy Couture is Adorable! However, when my husband saw the Marshmallow Pet Bed he instantly wanted a couple for out cats. Lol!

  19. favorite accessory from Refreshing Jewelry: Custom Hand Stamped Aluminum Bangle Bracelet. And how you’d personalize it: whith the names of my loves…

  20. favorite item from Earth Cookie Creations: Around the World Fancy Clothespins Magnets.

  21. I cannot pick just one thing from Earth Cookie Creations! Ha. Love the vintage wood berry baskets (I am so buying these!) and the big top circus birthday banner.

  22. I love the Chloe jacket and hat at Peek-a-Boo. They’re patterns go up to 8 years old too! That is fantastic.

  23. I can never have too many “Thank You” cards around. I especially like the bicycle ones from Earth Cookie Creations.

  24. From Pretty Little Things, I love the map clothespin magnets. I think they would look perfect on my fridge!

  25. I would love to make Peekaboo’s Birthday Girl dress for my little birthday girl – 1 year old in less than two weeks!

  26. The custom rectangle stamped necklace is my favorite from the Refreshing Jewelry shop. I like the red stone, but not quite sure what I’d have stamped on it. Have to think about that one.

  27. I love the silver disc necklace with the blue stone. I would personalize it with 6.10.10 (my wedding date).

  28. I love the falling swallow bracelet or necklace!! If I customized a necklace it would be the custom disc necklace to say either “faith” or “love” THANKS!!!

  29. I like the Sterling Silver Branch Necklace from Refreshing Jewelry and would personalize it for my mom.

  30. I love the Fortune Sticks Favors Place Cards Toppers from Earth Cookie Creations! How great for a party!

  31. Oh what an awesome giveaway! My favorite pattern from the peek-a-boo shop is the Sweetheart Halter. I love it!

  32. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! I really like the custom disc necklace from Refreshing Jewelry. I would put family on mine. Or maybe grace. Ohh tough decision 🙂

  33. The shirred bubble romper from Whimsy Couture is precious! Such a cute summer staple for the Texas heat!

  34. My favorite accessory from Refreshing Jewelry is the “PEACE Wrap Around Bracelet.” I would customize it with purple chord.

  35. The Retro Romper from Whimsy Couture is possibly the cutest little girls outfit I have ever seen. (I’m not gonna lie, I kinda want one in my size 🙂 )

  36. love the poet dress at Whimsy Couture !! especially the collar. I’ve really wanted to try something like this.

  37. ok… so i want pretty much everything from earth cookie creations… love the wooden berry baskets!

  38. okay, its hard to chose. The sailor shorts or bubble shorts. The ivy dress looks perfect for summer too.

  39. from refreshing jewelry – the swallow copper bracelet is sooo delicate. Although I might order it with something more personal.

  40. My favorite Whimsy pattern is the one-shoulder dress. I have a fetish for one-shoulder dresses and have three lil cuties that would look adorable in them!!

  41. I think I would get the customizable rectangle necklace from Refreshing. Maybe put the word “Pray” on it or my hubby’s name, Eric.

  42. All the Peekaboo Patterns look amazing and I’m hard-pressed to choose, but I have been wanting to try my hand at making a swimsuit for one of my girls. I think I’d choose the Coney Island tankini. Totally cute!!

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