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I can’t believe another week has already passed and Kirst and family will be leaving in just under a week. Kirst has been here 3 times before and this week we were reflecting back on those pre-kid trips. Man, were they different. We did something new and exciting every single moment we could. We pack every minute full of new experiences. We drove a lot, and we saw a lot. This trip with 5 kiddos 5 and under (plus 120 degree heat!) has left us playing indoors and hanging out in our house most of the time. We have done some really fun things, but the funnest moments have been just hanging out as family, listening to cousins giggle in the other room, and just being together. What a blessing it has been!

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    1. Thanks Leigh Anne- trying to soak in those baby girls as much as I can! ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re so thankful to have some time together!

  1. Wow…I like so much about this post. Your maxi skirt. The beautiful building. that you have been to the middle east three times! Wow. What a neat experience I hope to have myself someday. Piper’s dress is adorable. I like how her hair is starting to flip out. So cute!

    Jordan’s girls…oh my what beauties. And that handsome little boy of yours. Hope you have safe travels home!

    1. Delia, you are so sweet- THANK YOU for all of the kind words. I love everything about being here too- and YES YES YES you need to come someday. Maybe not in June (too hot!), but definitely it is something you should see. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks friend.

  2. What memories you both will take with you!! I have really enjoyed the pictures. Enjoy the time that remains!!! Love to all, xooxooxoxoxoxo

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