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We LOVELOVELOVE today’s guest, Kelly from Sewing in No Man’s Land. Seriously, the girl is a sewing genius (love this Tiny Curtsey skirt, this fabulous Bali Bliss outfit, and the butterfly dress and headband). We also love reading about her globe trotting adventures on Foreign Service Friday and adore her new SINML addition- Elizabeth (Spring Swap was one of her terrific projects)! We also just love Kelly’s heart- can’t wait to meet this girl one day.

Of course, the lovely Kelly is here today with an indigo tutorial-

Hi friends! Kelly here from Sewing In No Mans Land. I am so excited to be participating in color my summer again this year! Last year I was lucky enough to draw the color red but was excited to mix it up and chose Indigo this year. I think it was because Sawyer always lists “indigo” when he talks about rainbows. I wanted to make something light and comfy for the sweltering heat that is about to hit VA. But it had to be stylish enough to wear bashing around Paris in a few weeks:

I will be sharing how to make this totally easy tunic top. If you would like to make the ultra comfy bloomers you can find a tutorial HERE.

The fabric strip on top actually feeds through the neckline and gives it the sophistication I was looking for.

My sweet sweet hubby made a dash to the fabric store one night for me (I had a good excuse why I couldn’t go I swear) and cutely asked a fellow fabric shopper next to him wether she thought the fabric he picked out was indigo or not, she told him it was probably as good as it was going to get ha! So once you have found a fabric color of your choice you can whip this up in no time!

What you need to make the top

1 yard fabric

Extra wide home made Bias tape (tutorials can be found all over the web if you google it) Just make sure it is WIDE. My finished bias tape was an inch wide

thin bias tape for arm holes

tiny bit of thin elastic

1 button

long scrap of fabric or ribbon for the neckline

There you have it!

If you would like to whip up the pants click HERE. Thanks so much Kirstin and Jordan for letting me participate. I love the creative kick start this series always gives me! Hope on over for some other fun tuts on Sewing In No Mans Land.

Told you- sewing genius, right? Don’t forget to stop by Delia’s today for a Purple Poolside Purse!

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    1. Thanks Robin! They are from H&M. I really should have purchased them in every size available as she LOVES them and they go with so many outfits! They still have them, and also have them in silver!

      1. Kelly- love this tip! I am always on the lookout for versatile shoes- H&M does it again (love their kid’s section!). 🙂

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