white tutorial- wide leg pants

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Today’s guests, the oh-so-talented Liz and Elizabeth from Simple Simon and Company, are homemaking geniuses (they have a whole Art of Homemaking Series to prove it). They also crank out a.maz.ing sewing projects (adore this denim pencil skirt and the Endora top), are DIY champs (my kids NEED this PVC lemonade stand) and just generally make such cute stuff (like this bubble skirt, and everything else on their blog!).

We’re so excited that the Simple Simon girls are here today to share a WHITE tutorial for Color Your Summer-

Hi Kojo-ers!  We are Elizabeth and Liz from Simple Simon and Co, two girls who married brothers and ended up with the exact same name.  Super confusing?  Um…yeah.  Over at Simple Simon and Co we blog about our adventures into the art of homemaking, our love of vintage and thrifting, as well as our crazy sewing adventures-mostly for our kids.

And speaking of kids and sewing…..we are diving head first today into the color white.  I know, I know—we are totally scaring you with using white in kid’s clothing.  But we just can’t help it.  We are in love with white for summer.  So far we have made white dresses, a white skirt and now today we are unveiling some wide-legged white drawstring pants for our girlies.

To tell you the truth, I used to be afraid of white on kids–because I HATE stains.  They drive me crazy (please tell me I am not the only one!).  But now, I actually love white……because I can always oxiclean, borax or bleach them clean again (just pick one….don’t use them all at the same time!).  In our house we have, in the last couple of years, moved to all white sheets and all white towels for the same reason.  They are my favorite!

Ok, less about laundry and more about the pants.  We made both pairs of these wide-leg pants out of white linen, so they would be comfortable and breathable for summer and the girls love them too.

Hannah’s pants are a full drawstring while Grace’s pants are elasticized with a faux-drawstring bow on the front to make them easy on and off for littler girls.  And we’ll show you how to do both.

And guess what the most exciting part about these pants is?  You can totally self-draft the pattern!  Ok, don’t be scared again….you can totally do it.

Before you jump over to get the tutorial, here is what you are going to need:

* A sharp pencil

* A measuring stick (a yard stick works perfectly)

* A measuring tape (a flexible one for taking measurements)

That’s it.  You are going to make your own pattern from that.  Isn’t it exciting?  So, if you have never self-drafted with just you, a pencil and a ruler…..today is your day!!!!

Ready to get going?

How To Draft a Pair of Pants

(Pajama or Wide-leg Style)

by Simple Simon and Co

(please do not re-create or copy pictures onto your site–thanks!)

You are ready to cut out your fabric and sew now!  Remember we have already added seam allowances so you can cut directly on the lines that you just drew!  Happy pants sewing!!!!

*The tutorial is also HERE!

Thanks girls for having us!  And we’d love to see you all at Simple Simon and Co sometime!

Love those pants (and I kind of like sewing with white for my kiddos- it’s bleachable!). Be sure to go see more Color Your Summer goodness (magnetic travel Tangram puzzles and a tiered white maxi skirt no less!) at Delia’s today as well!

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    1. Exactly! Robin, you have been such a fantastic, supportive friend for Color Your Summer. 🙂 THANK YOU! 🙂

  1. Don’t quite get your calculations at the top. 24 inches divided by 4 does not end up being 8 inches unless I read the instruction the wrong way…

  2. I just drafted these and made them up for my son – I really think there’s a mistake in the first step with the waist. 4″ is not much ease at all in a drawstring waist, and definitely not as much ease as is shown in the finished product pictures. As others have noted, the example measurement given of “20 inches plus 4 inches divided by 4″ does not equal 8 inches, it equals 6 inches. If you drafted it with 8″ for that measurement however, that’s a total of 12” extra ease, which seems more appropriate for a usual drawstring/elastic waist. Could be too much, depending on your fabric.

    When I tried these on my son before inserting elastic/drawstring, the waist seemed really snug. I’ll barely have to add any elastic at all to make it fit, and it’s on the verge of tight getting over his hips. He’s a skinny kid, too. If I had it to do over again – which I don’t, because now I’m out of fabric – I’d add at least an inch extra to the first straight line. These will work, but they’re more of a flat-front pant than a drawstring pant.

    In addition, I can’t seem to find any sort of tutorial as to just how to actually construct the pant. I clicked on multiple links, but kept just getting this same page. I’m an experienced sewist, so I didn’t need them, but I thought I’d at least look them over to be sure…

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