easy summer entertaining- build your own burrito bar


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Lest you think that all of the parties around here have elaborate decor (or menus), I thought I’d share the Chipotle-esque (or Qdoba-esque, whichever you prefer) Build Your Own Burrito Bar from a going away party we hosted a couple weeks ago. Not only is it high on the ease-factor, the food is also exceedingly yummy- the perfect combo!

To put together a Build Your Own Burrito Bar, start with the meat. We made/bought five kinds of meat-



-Ground Beef


-Sweet Pork

And by we, I mean me and four other girls, just so you don’t think I made all five of these on my own (or that I have five crockpots- haha!). Sidenote- if there are any other Costa Vida fans out there, I tried this copycat recipe at The Slotted Spoon for the Costa Vida Sweet Pork and thought it turned out pretty well… not perfect, but I’ll definitely be making the recipe again.

After the meat, we filled the table with corn and flour tortillas and a whole buffet of toppings– black and pinto beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, queso, and green salsa.

One fun idea- Jess got the steak at Qdoba (I think you could do that with any or all of the meat).

If I could describe the Build Your Own Burrito Bar in a word, it’d be “Hit.” Seriously, what a crowd pleaser! And, since it is so easy to put together, I would highly recommend adding something like this to your next get together.

Are you in the Chipotle camp, the Qdoba camp, or do you have another burrito spot that you prefer (I am pretty impartial, but my hubbie is a devoted Qdoba queso fan)?

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  1. That is such a great idea! It would be a perfect pot luck idea too. Just have everyone bring a selection. I will be doing this soon.

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