piper jane’s mod tutu

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My little miss priss is a girly girl through and through. I have to admit- I kind of love that about her. Her affection for pink and dresses and sparkles and purses and shoes makes me dream of future girl days and sewing dates (though, the girl can play legos and cars with her brother for hours as well- love that too).

With Pi’s twirly skirt love in mind, when I stumbled on this fabulous loopy skirt tutorial at Joyfolie, I knew Piper Jane would love it. I think I made a loopy skirt (in pink) that very afternoon. And then I made another one. Because what wardrobe is complete without two little mod tutu’s, right?

Not only is it a pretty easy sew, it’s made from t-shirts (so if you have a couple in your ‘upcycle’ pile, this is perfect).

And just look how cute it is!

ps- I have a fun tutorial coming tomorrow for something else Piper is wearing… any guesses?



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  1. Loveliness! I wish you would make the shirt – they are my favorite shirts ever – I wiped 3 targets out when they had them and am so sad my twins are about out of the largest size…

    1. Haha Nicole- I love those shirts too! I found something similar, though sleeveless, at Target right now. 🙂

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