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Friends, I have to confess- I’ve been keeping something from you. It’s something quite dear to my heart (and something several of you have guessed, actually, because of my specific pinterest boards and my recent questions on facebook). I had to keep myself from spilling the beans multiple times over the past month, in fact.

We bought a new house!

Yep. It’s true.

I am not superstitious in the least, but I really, really love this house and I just couldn’t bring myself to introduce you to it until we’d signed all of the papers. Which happened yesterday!

In typical Kirstin-and-Adam-fashion, we are not moving in this week, or even this month. The phrase “move in ready” doesn’t have the allure to us that is has with other, normal people. We are far more intrigued by “potential” it seems. And potential she has.

So when I say, “I really, really love this house,” I mean, I really, really (REALLY) love what I envision this house becoming. Someday. After we tear down some walls and redo all of the flooring and completely gut the kitchen (and both bathrooms, but that is not even on the radar for 2012). And perhaps even add on (in a couple of different places!).

I. can’t. wait.

Get ready for an onslaught of house projects. And before-and-after pictures. And maybe a couple of lulls in our regularly scheduled programming while I’m off ripping up carpet and tiling backsplashes (as if there haven’t been enough this month already). Did I mention that I’m oh-my-goodness excited?

Any fun news you’ve been wanting to share?

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  1. haha, was anyone else waiting for the “I’m pregnant!!” ? Which would have been awesome, but a HOUSE?! Now that is news. I dream of the day when we will own some walls (and hopefully even a small patch of grass…) And I’m all about the potential. Congratulations! That’s wonderful!

    1. Haha- I feel like blog land IS full of those kind of ‘great news’ announcements! Maybe sometime our great news will be adding to our family, but this little ‘potential’ is going to keep us on our toes for awhile. 🙂
      Thanks for the congrats!

        1. Fertile is a good word. That WOULD be great news. We’ll settle for some major renovating for now. 🙂
          Thanks friend!

  2. Congrats! That is beyond exciting! Like the previous commenter, I was expecting…..”i’m pregnant”!! 🙂 Seems like that when any bloggers that I follow have big news it is the preggo kind. So very happy for you all! And looking forward to the home projects to come!

    1. Haha- Leigh Anne- nope! And YES to beyond exciting! 🙂
      The boys ripped out the ceiling and all of the lighting on the first floor today, so house projects here we come!

    1. Thanks Alicia! I am certain that you are one of my friends that would be excited-like-I-am about a new house! 🙂
      Excited for YOUR big news too- that’s so fun!
      Oh, and I took before pictures today (before the boys rip too many things apart this weekend). 🙂 Can’t wait to work on the ‘afters’!

    1. Thanks so much Deb! We trooped over to the new house, hoping for a pic with the “SOLD” sign, but it was already gone! We got some cute little family pics (courtesy of my sis) instead! 🙂

    1. Chris, THANKS! And, yes, I bet you’ll feel my excitement (and pain!) keenly, having just done all sorts of house projects yourselves (WAY more than we’re about to do, I should say!). 🙂

  3. Ack!!! That’s so exciting! I’ve LOVED all your future house pins and was wondering if this was going on. Congratulations and I can’t wait to see what you guys do with it!

    1. Jill, want to know a secret? After giving our house news away through my pins (you were definitely not the only one who guessed), I created a ‘secret’ pinterest. There isn’t anything super interesting on there- mostly things to buy for specific rooms. But apparently my pinning is quite indicative of our planning. 🙂
      Thanks for the congrats! 🙂 Before and afters- here we come!

    1. Oh demo. And Ben. I was telling Jord just the other day about him and the Nedervelds kitchen. 🙂 Love that guy.
      Can’t wait to show it to you guys!

  4. Yahoo! So exciting! Can’t wait to see what you do with the place. I’m always so impressed with people who have the patience for these kinds of projects – I wish I was more like you! 🙂

    1. Haha- Summer, talk to me in a couple of weeks when I am wishing (and wishing) that we were not so project oriented. 🙂 And thanks for the congrats friend!
      ps- Did you get a SNAP ticket???

    1. Beth, your comment led me to your blog (SO FUN!). I didn’t know about it until now- you have such a great writing voice.
      Our Smooches are similar in age (yours are both a little younger than each of mine)- I bet we’d have all sorts of non-decorating, non-bloggy things to talk about (but tons of those as well). Can’t wait to keep up with you more regularly!
      ps- I am always repinning things that Kara finds on your pinterest… maybe we have similar taste. 🙂

    1. Amy, I love that! My husband and I both love the “needs TLC” kind. Good thing it’s not just one of us, right?
      Are you guys done with all of your projects?

  5. That is so exciting! I’m super envious. I want to move sooooooo badly. One day….until then my only fun news will be centered around things like buying new shoes….

  6. Congrats!!! We totally redid our house too. Can’t remember if I told you that? We bought a foreclosure in AWFUL shape, but like y’all, we were totally excited by the potential.
    And fun news… we do have some! 😉 Prayers though please. No official announcements yet!

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